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Two Words ...

BOOMER SOONER! I used to attend the games with my husband before my son was born. We got season tickets the season before I was pregnant.  Then, motherhood hit and football was something I could watch from home, as my husband made the trek to Norman. Being at home with my little one was more my speed. Now that he's five, I'm ready to get a sitter and get back to the games. Next season, we'll get an extra ticket to make it a family event for the three of us. Even though it's already a huge family event. My husband, sister, brother-in-law, and mother-in-law all go in on a bunch of tickets so that we all can cheer on our team. My husband's first love after his family, of course, is sports. Since this was his birthday weekend, I figured it would be a perfect game to attend with him and my sis. The weather was awesome. The Sooners kicked big time TCU butt. And my son had a great time at his Nana's house, while we kicked it in the stadium.

Life Interrupted by Chris

A blogging buddy of mine asked me to review his book. I, of course, agreed wholeheartedly. I assumed, judging the book by its cover, that it would be strictly about his struggle with MS and his journey through this crippling disease. I couldn't have been more surprised and delighted once reading, to find this story had not only about the obvious but the underlying struggles this man goes through in the process. Delighted sounds callous, and I don't mean I'm delighted he has the health issues he does. I mean delighted, in that the book had so much more depth to it than I first imagined. Chris M. Tatevosian humbly writes from his heart to encourage not only those struggling with MS, that there is life with this disease, BUT he writes to encourage everyone to let go of the 'poor pitiful me' syndrome that we all take on with any life challenges. He claims that this PPM (poor pitiful me) syndrome is more debilitating than the disease MS itself. Chris shar

Jury Prep

Preparing for tomorrows jury selection process: 1) Buy books to read for the day (check) 2) Go to ATM to get enough money per day for parking and food (check) 3) Pull out old BON JOVI t-shirt to wear in court (check) --they said business casual. Does that mean no jeans?? 4) Get snacks for the day in case I get hungry (check) 5) Take my note pad to write notes for next manuscript (check) 6) Remember Jury Summons with my info on it (check) and, finally... 7) Get some sleep as I have wake up early . Seriously? Eight a.m. on the dot in a courthouse? 8) Remember to leave early enough to buy McD's vanilla iced coffee (check) Needless to say ... I may not post for a few days as I may be sequestered or stuck in court. Yay! It sounds like so much fun! Wanna trade??

The Wedding of My Dreams

My sister got engaged over a month ago with the promise of a small intimate wedding, only inviting immediate family and a few close friends. I wanted this day to be the most special day of her life, and I know it was. We'd originally planned in on the golf greens, by the pond, behind my parent's house. BUT...with Ike and every storm prior...the rain was non-stop and the ground was muddy. The reception was to be in my mother's gardens, which were to be decorated as a Japanese garden with twinkle lights and lanterns. Again...the rain... The rain did not let by Wednesday, my parents went to plan B which was my mother's living room and garage for the wedding and reception. You would think this would be a big let down, but it wasn't.  For one, the rain stopped on her wedding day and the sun shone brightly, welcoming our event. It was a huge blessing. For two, our florist (who we used for my wedding for over four hundred people) transformed my mother


Wornoutwoman = WOW or MOM (take your pic...either applies) I think today I need a mommy day. All moms, even the really really good ones need a break now and then. Lately, I've had a lot going on...which has added some slight stress.  I've quit my career to find a job that allows me to work around my son's schedule. While stressful it's been a really really good move for our family. We've had more quality and quantity time... but it has changed our finances for the worse.  My sister's getting married....all good stuff happening there, but there are still some little stresses that my mother's feeling, which affects us all. And with a day and a half to D-day, the outdoor wedding, rainy, wet weather isn't ideal. That saying - when momma ain't happy, nobody's happy. It applies here.   My son has earned MY childhood nickname, radio. They called me that because I'd talk and they couldn't turn me off! My little one, adorab

Marchies and so forth...

When I was little I had my pretend friends. It eventually narrowed down to one... Kai'm, which sounds like Kay-I'm. I think I used my own name, Kim, and basically, took the hard K and the I'm and made my name into one. Kai'm was my constant companion. So much so, that during one of our moves, which we did every two to three years, my mom told me that she was locking up the empty house and leaving her inside. 'Kai'm was not to be coming with us.' After driving a few seconds down the road, I screamed, "STOP!" My mom screeched on the brakes, almost causing an accident, and asked what it was. I told her that Kai'm was swinging in the trees, trying to catch up to us. I remember her pushing the gas harder, saying that Kai'm was definitely staying behind. That was the last I saw of my pretend friend. I don't remember missing her after that. Besides, I knew she wasn't really real, but she was real for me when I needed her

Today's Malady

One month ago I got a letter for jury duty. 😕 Not exactly what I'd planned but nothing that would be unbearable ... until my sister got engaged and is getting guessed it...the same week I'm scheduled for jury duty. On the bottom of this notice I order to try to get out of your duty, show up the Friday prior to the Monday's reported show time. SO today is that Friday....only I got the times mixed up. I showed up at eight a.m. and was notified that I needed to come back at three p.m. Here's how it goes: Me: "Really?" dumbfounded that I didn't read my notice more clearly. Security Guard: "Yes, but what's your reason for trying to get out." Me: "I'm the only one who can take and pick up my son for school. I can't be in two places at once. Plus my sister's wedding is next week... I'm the matron

Time to Slow Down

Today's my day off, and I'm relaxing this morning. My son is asleep and hopefully on the mend. He had an allergic reaction to his antibiotics yesterday. He's rejecting more of them as he goes along...just like me. I'm allergic to most of them too. Please pray that we get his health figured out today. We've got a doctor's appointment to follow up after this weekend's emergency room visit. As of now... The weather today is completely fallish. I'm in my PJ's, the house is quiet, and I got good sleep last night. So at this moment...I can relax. It's a good morning. This week has been so hectic that it is so nice to take some time to slow down and do nothing. And wait for next week's ramp up for my sister's wedding. That means... people in town, activities to plan, pictures to work on, and energy abound, which I'm so excited for. Seeing my sister happy with the man that loves her so much is such a huge blessing. I'

Wordless Wednesday



So my first review came back in spades. I loved it and have to say an official thank you to Char for graciously reviewing Finding Kylie. Her words are: “After reading the trailer for Finding Kylie I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the novel. I knew I was in for a good story and the manuscript exceeded my expectations. Using a combination of intrigue and gentle suspense, Kimberly McKay leads the reader down a trail of self-discovery. Her spunky heroine, Chastity Wayne, not only survives the premature loss of her mother, Kylie, due to cancer, she “finds” her again in the pages of the journal she left behind and in the memories of her best friend, Cheryl Jenkins. In the process, Chastity also finds herself, and the confidence she needs to pursue relationships with an openness that her mother never felt. I look forward to more good story-telling from Kimberly McKay.” ~ Charlene A. Derby, author,and storyteller Now I'm just awaiting the edited version from my publisher - c