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Flo Hits Home

As a brat, our military roots had us living in many areas.  The east coast is of them.  This photo is from the era when we lived at Cherry Point MC Base which is not now getting pounded by Hurricane Florence along with New Bern, Morehead City, Kitty Hawk, and many more areas.  A lot of our military friends still live in these areas along the coast. Our prayers go out to everyone affected by this monstrous storm.  I pray everyone had the foresight to evacuate, but I know not everyone will.  So, I pray for everyone's safety as they suffer through this crazy time in our world's history. I love our country and the people that make it up, but this hits home a bit harder as Hurricane Florence ravages a place where I've left a bit of my heart. Home is where the heart is, which is true as I have bits of my heart scattered throughout the world. And, the east coast has a big part of it. God, protect our loved ones and our first responders.