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An Allergy Diary - Like Father Like Son

Recently I posted here about the anaphylaxis campaign and my friend, John , and his life-changing experience.  I posted to promote the awareness of allergies and the use of Epipens .  I relate to his story all too well, in that my husband has had life-threatening anaphylactic attacks, and my son had serious allergies as a toddler. Thankfully my son outgrew his egg allergy when he was four and has only suffered from overzealous external allergies... until now. Tuesday, his lip swelled up twice its size, and he felt some tingling along his mouth and eventually in his throat. To make a long story short - my EpiPens were expired and we dialed 911. I didn't want to waste precious seconds in a car traveling to the ER.  I immediately administered Benedryl and waited for EMSA and the fire department to arrive. I could tell my lil guy was trying hard to stay calm. He could feel his chest getting tight and kept clearing his throat, all the while asking me if he was going to make it.