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We had our second date night in a month! Look out, we may actually have some couple time here. Woo Hoo! We've not done that in so long. Our fine city has our first NBA league. ESPN has been hating on us for it too. I'm so tired of all the sports media bad-mouthing Oklahoma City and taking shots at us. Personally, I'm excited for our state and the team. The Hornet's record improved drastically when they played here, because our city embraced them and supported them. I know it will be the same as the Thunder. This pic above is our first shot when we entered the Ford Center, in downtown, to watch our first NBA game! They had bands playing everywhere and entertainers all over the place, like C&C Music Factory, who had a pre-game concert. It was a big party thrown for the entire city, and we were all loving it. My bil and sil playing NBA video games. She kicked his butt. They had TV and game systems set up all over the arena. The view from our s

Redemption - Book Style

Do you know how hard it is to write a story from a point of view that you'd never want? My first book, Finding Kylie, is now out which was from my point of view from 'my' what if story in life. Now the sequel is my task, and it's from the opposing side or point of view. Not that I can't do it, because I've made some extra-ordinary headway in the last two days, but it's definitely interesting to put myself in someone's shoes that want nothing to do with. So that I don't give anything away in my current book, I won't say too much except that the main character's name is Chastity. She finds some things out in her life and about some family ties that she's not sure she wants or now needs to know. This book takes her on her journey in many ways to discover about life and love through her mother's hidden journals, found after her mother's, Kylie's, funeral. This new book, Facing Redemption, is from a totally different van

Sweet Moments

At the age of 5, my son has continued to surprise me. He's so wise and silly at the same time. While peering into my eyes to tell me he loves my beautiful brown eyes, he pops off about a new wrinkle he found around them. Talk about a back-handed compliment. This week has been a doozy as far as his little personality and how it's developing. You can read here about his girlfriend situation. Since then, he's proposed to yet another cute young thing on his soccer team. You can see how he chased and chased her. I was standing with her father, waiting for the game to start, and the next thing we heard was my son asking for this little girl's hand in marriage. It was too windy to hear her response, but I figure she didn't mind too much. Her dad said she punched the last little boy who asked her. My son is quite the playah. He went in one breathe from asking her to waving to the second girl of his dreams on the opposing team, leaving his new fiance in t

Meme on!

wfbdoglover  tagged me with a fun meme. Since it's been a while since I've done one, I thought I'd give it a try. Then, I read Terri at her blog with the meme she just did. It inspired me to mix my meme up a little. Here are the regular rules for the six quirky things about me meme: * Post the rules on your blog * Write six random things about yourself * Tag six people Here are my rules: I'm gonna post five things, instead of six, about me that have multiple choice answers. They're all a little quirky, so any of them could be the right answer. Heck, there may be more than one right answer. So have fun trying to figure it out. #1 I'm extremely competitive and ... a) get very anxious playing my son or husband in any sport at home because I've got to win. b) won't bet unless I know it's a sure thing. I've hardly ever lost a bet. c) can't even relax while learning something new and shouldn't be the best yet, but still expect to be

Daily Grind

So this week my numerous sleep disorders haven't bothered me one bit. I think my job at the restaurant has me so busy that by the time night time rolls around, I'm ready to crash. I haven't gotten the whole swing of how to eat during the day yet. Breakfast makes me queasy, so I normally don't eat it. BUT, if I don't eat something early, I won't eat until three pm. My schedule is 11 - 2:45ish, and I can't eat while working. Most eat right afterward in the restaurant, but I try not to do that either as I need to conserve every dime I make in tips. So when it's time to get off, I'm either starving or my stomach has forgotten I'm starving... and I just can't eat then either. Any suggestions for me?