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Adnoid Removal...personal experiences please!

My son's scheduled to get tubes placed in his ears, and get his adenoids removed in about two weeks. He's only had six ear infections in four years, however, he's got fluid behind his eardrums that won't drain. And this fluid is causing hearing loss, which hopefully will reverse when the tubes are put in place. Since his adenoids are swollen - they're blocking his nasal passages and causing him to gag and have breathing issues. I've heard mixed reviews about the surgery and the recovery from mom's I know. Can you all please put your two cents in so I can get more feedback?? I need some help here. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

My Son's Wife

If any of you read my blog about my son's little girlfriend, you'll remember how replaced I felt. It was so sweet seeing him adore this beautiful little girl. I felt I was doing a good job teaching how to treat a lady. He's affectionate and funny...a great catch if I don't say so myself. Well, he's four and a half. Up until now he's at least always said that he wanted to marry 'Mommy' when he got older. I knew that would change someday, but I didn't know it would come so soon. After getting home from Pump It Up last night, he couldn't stop talking about his little girlfriend. They even held hands when they'd go from one room to the next. Sickening...I tell you! Last night, he told me point-blank: Toni's gonna be my wife someday, Mom! ...not Mommy...MOM...and very matter of fact too. I said, "She is huh? She's awfully pretty." He said, "Yeah, and she's got room in her heart for Jesus!" Ah

Money Matters

I've never been one of those who really tried to balance a check book. My whole life it got pretty out of control. I've never been one with bad credit, in fact I've always had to best because I pay my bills with interest when I can. Four years ago I started using quicken for our finances. It was a simple easy way to input how much we got paid, and schedule bills. It did all the math for me! I loved it. Somehow it too has gotten out of control. We use our debit cards way too much and receipts get entered when we remember. It's now not a simple solution any more, because we again really don't know how much we have in our account. When I worked at my previous employer's, this wouldn't have been a big deal. My salary was enough to compensate for any minor infraction we'd make in our inputting system. Now, however, I work for straight commission and it's not guaranteed to pay me every two weeks unless I sell something. Some months I may get

Get out of here mom!

It's finally happened...and a lot sooner than I thought it would. My little four-year-old baby asked me to get out of the bathroom so he could dry off in privacy. For months I've been letting him shower alone with ground rules, and I've always been within earshot in case of an accident. The rules were: 1) Answer if I call to check on make sure all is well 2) No jumping or horseplay since it's slippery 3) No water outside of the shower 4) Call me when you need to get out I've not yet allowed him to get out b/c of his daredevil ways. He wants to hop out or step on the tub's side with wet feet. That's a huge no-no! Well tonight, he called to get the water turned off and proceeded to tell me to GET OUT, MOM ! Just in the last few weeks, he's growing up so fast! I swear he's grown two inches in the last week! And he's not only picking out his own clothes but mine as well. What happened to my little boy?

7 years and counting

Today is my seven-year wedding anniversary. Seven years ago today there were storms throughout Oklahoma City that caused mayhem on my husband's and my special day. To this day my wedding planner, who everyone said reminded them of Franc, from 'Father of the Bride', introduces me like such, "Oh! This is the girl I told you about! She's my wedding from hell! My Murphy's Law wedding...if anything were to go wrong at any wedding-it all happened at hers!" I can promise you that is no exaggeration! Let me give you a quick bullet list. Prior to the storms causing havoc....a a few things leading up to it went a little haywire. Leading up to the wedding: **My matron of honor got pregnant and ballooned up just large enough that she couldn't fit into her bridesmaid's dress. She was under 5 feet tall and a size two. The dress was already ordered and fitted! Now, where was I going to find someone that size, who I liked enough to be in my weddi

Making Mischief

As usual, I picked my son up after work, at my caretaker's place. I asked him how school was today. I knew they had a moon bounce for that day's fun activity. He and his best friend are always together and having fun....rowdy boy fun, and I knew he was looking forward to the moon bounce. My little boy was so excited and proceeded to tell me that his best friend, Isaiah, was in the moon bounce, while he was trying to find another way in. He wanted to crawl up inside it. He told me he unzipped it to get inside. He said, "But Mommy! It deflated with Isaiah in inside!" I assumed when he wanted inside...he meant inside where Isaiah was, bouncing. I stopped to think about what he just said. I asked him if he was inside it with his little friend while it deflated. He said, "No, it just bent over and the air went out. I heard my teachers saying...hmmmm....some kid must have let the air out." I had this funny feeling when my son continued, "I

4 days in Louisville KY

I got back home today and am worn out and excited at the same time! 3 full days of meetings, awards banquets, and meals with over 2,000 people from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. has left me wanting a long nap! Both hotels, our group was booked at, had a breeze-way to the Louisville, KY convention center. It was about 4 to 5 blocks for me to get to any event from sun up to sun down. So even though I ate and ate...I could walk it off! I think I still gained about 5 pounds though. I'm not used to eating that much. I swear ever since I turned 34 last year, I've had some minor trouble keeping 5 pounds off my ideal weight. Still...I'm really blessed with that issue. The last two nights had a fancy dinner at the main convention hall. The first night was for the sales force and the second for the service. I find it funny how different people in each department are. The sales people the first night were so pumped to be recognized that most ran down to the front to get to the stage as so

ONE last trip

Okay, Sunday I leave for one last trip! I think this is the most I've traveled for any job ever! Four weeks straight I've been going...going...gone! I won a trip for our annual bash, so a lot of us will be celebrating for 4 days next week. It will be all business attire or business casual.....bummer! I would like to be comfortable, but being dressed for work isn't always so. I will be more regular in my blogs once I'm back. I've been too busy to sit and write as I've been driving my arse off or flying somewhere for the last month. By the way, last time I got home from Savannah...I came home to a big WELCOME HOME banner with balloons and streamers. My son has already told me he wants to have another surprise party for me when I get home this time. I can't wait to sneak in at midnight and wait for him to wake up to yell, "surprise"!

Mindless Monday

Since last week was a blur, between the fourth and my birthday, I thought I would just post my favorite pic that I took for you all to enjoy! I will blog more this week before leaving town, but have to run to work now! Hmmm.. yeah there is always work work!

Today I'm 35~WooHoo!

My son has been so excited it's my birthday! He gave me thirty-five love taps today and sang 'Happy Birthday'! He says that yesterday I was thirty-four, but now I'm thirty-five! It's so exciting for him to have any chance to celebrate! We usually do fireworks on my birthday since the 4th of July is over a weekend. We make it a birthday weekend event for me! With the 4th being on a Wednesday this year, it kind of broke up our celebration. I feel kind of funny today like my birthday's already over. After all, we watched the fireworks this week already. I hope once I get to my mom's tonight I can gear up for a B-Day dinner! My mom is the most awesome cook and anything she prepares will always get rave reviews. I always ask for Mexican food, and my sister, whose birthday is in August, always asks for Japanese. So during the summer, we always have great big family dinners. Tonight will be chille rellenos, chicken or beef enchiladas, tex-mex dip, a

You were my egg

Each night before bed, my son enjoys watching "How It's Made" on the science channel. He has watched twenty minutes every night since he was two. TV for kids isn't a great habit to get into, but this show is much better than most anything out there. He knows how most everything is made...seriously. Last night, they showed how fish farms are run. The fun music was playing in the background as the fish farmer was squeezing the female's fish eggs out to harvest. Then he proceeded to squeeze the male's sperm into the bin, where the eggs had been deposited. This was how they harvested the babies. Once the babies were shown, hatched and swimming, he giggled. He thought the babies were so cute. He said, "I didn't know fish came from eggs!" I told him, "Yes they birds." He looked at me with this quizzical look, smiled and said, " were my egg, weren't you? I hatched from you!" I had to laugh...what