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Thank You and Happy New Year

Every year seems to fly by at an alarmingly increasing rate. I know they say time flies but seriously wasn't it just December 2013?  There have been a lot of ups and downs in this last year, as I'm sure it was the same with most of us, but overall I consider myself truly blessed. As this year passes in just a few hours, I want to express my thanks to those of you, who supported me with such sweet words and acts of support, with your emails and purchases of all three of my books.  As I look back to count my blessings from this year, I include my family and my friends, whom I include my readers. In the coming year, I wish you nothing but peace as you forge forward into a new year.  

Out of the Mouths of Babes

At bedtime, on Christmas Eve, I was getting my son settled, which means bedtime prayers and end of the day revelations.  I usually ask things like, 'what are you thankful for today?' or 'What happened in your world that was good?' Sometimes I'll ask him if he could change something from today, what would it be?' That last question allows me insight to any stresses he might be dealing with that wouldn't normally unfold on their own. As we were chatting on Christmas Eve, I was internally reflecting on my life and how blessed I was to have such a tender-hearted kid who is also so stubborn and strong. He's a pistol when he wants to be but always sweet and kind to the core.  That night, I told him that I must have done something wonderful in my life to deserve a kid like him. He smiled, grabbed my face with his hands, and said, "Oh, Mom. You could have done nothing to deserve it. That's how God's grace works. He blessed you because He want

The Good Lie - Nothing to Overlook

Search for 'The Good Lie' online and you will find a ton of images of Reese Witherspoon. Although she is vital to the storyline, as she is the lifeline and the first introduction to America to three Sudanese refugees, the real story lies behind the journey of Theo, Mamere, Paul, and Jeremiah as they search for their sister and their way. IMDB's synopsis for this movie will reveal a simple statement, saying ' Sudanese refugees given the chance to resettle in America arrive in Kansas City, Missouri. where their encounter with an employment agency counselor forever changes all of their lives'. However it is so much more, so please don't sell this movie short and don't enter empty-handed ... meaning have a tissue box in hand. As I've lived overseas, I feel like every American should experience another culture abroad, as it will teach you how blessed we are in the United States.  Seeing yourself from an outside cultural perspective does everyone good.

Lil Guy's Growin Up

Sixth grade has been such a big year.  Middle school started out rough with deadlines for papers, more responsibilities, and no room for excuses for teachers.  My kid struggled for a while as he'd always had grace periods when things were late... until this year.  This year his teachers show tough love while pushing them to be better and expect better of themselves. Now mid-year, he gets all his homework done at school and remembers most of his projects.  Hey - he's not perfect.  He's still my silly forgetful kid, but he's grown leaps and bounds with his responsibilities at school. At home, I've also been trying to cut the cord so to speak.  It's been a big transition and my kid is such a softie.  He still wants me to walk him into school.  He still lovingly reaches to hold my hand.  And - he still will hug me in front of his friends without a care who sees.  And although I don't discourage his affection, as I never want him to feel ashamed of showing l