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Kevin Durant - we love you!!!

It's no secret anymore... KD was announced as our MVP. Let me tell you why he's always been OKC's MVP: Because of his joy on the court Because of his easy leadership of his team, leading them all the be appreciative of the gifts they've been given. Because of his humble heart and resilient spirit. Because he loves his momma. And because he's not afraid to speak of his faith and humble beginnings. Because he inspires everyone around him to be a better person. As for the toppling MVP votes cast in his favor - they just cemented what we already knew. Kevin - you're our most valuable person and player.  Keep being you.  Keep giving the glory to God and Jesus.  Keep playing your heart out and hugging your mom.

Book Contest

What is something about you - that most people would find surprising? We all have our story!! I'd love to know a tidbit about you that makes my eyes light up and makes my mouth water. It could be anything from 'I'm double-jointed' to 'I speak three languages' to 'my dad was a spy'. I'm running a contest at my FB page - and asking people to share and reveal their surprises. Whoever gives me something I can't live without, which also needs to easily fit into the fifth book I'm starting, Second Chances will win their surprising fact as part of the story. Go to my page here: Or leave me a comment here if you're not on FB.  I want to know about you!! And I can't wait to hear from you.

Oklahoma Writer Conference

Loving meeting new contacts, and hearing the speakers.  At #OWFI14 right now, and some sessions are standing room only.