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Twenty years - seriously?

So on top of everything I've been up to, I'm also coordinating my 20-year high school reunion. I can't believe it's been that long!! I went to two high schools...the first in Woodbridge, Virginia and the second in Okinawa, Japan; Kubasaki High School...the home of the dragons. When I was a senior, our class song was Forever Young by Alphaville. Those were the day when we thought we'd never get old. I look back to all that some of my alumni have done in life and I'm proud of each and every one! To list a few success stories, we have an: *Olympic Gold Medalist in the 2008 Olympics *Actor/Producer in London *Mentor and Public Speaker with Rich Dad Poor Dad *Many amazing officers serving our country *Executives in the travel/hotel industry *DJ's in foreign countries Those are off the top of my head... the others who are just as important and are just as successful in their fields hold positions in the media, film, education, government, motherho

Real Life

I wanted to apologize if it's seemed my posts have been slim lately, but I've had so many things going on in my real life that it's left me with little to no time. Lately, life hasn't been spent enough with my friends and family as much as I'd like, as I think we all tend to hibernate in the winter. Once Spring hits, we'll all be out and about again ( like this picture), life has definitely kept me on my toes. I've been contacted by a production company in London to work with them on some projects, so my mind and time have been very full. The sequel for Finding Kylie is still on, but I'm splitting my time between the two projects. This week I'm speaking at my old University as an 'author' and am not sure I'll have anything interesting to say, but when asked to do these do so wholeheartedly. Next week, I'm driving to Tulsa for the FOX morning show for an interview. They contacted me last week, and it's an h

Cozy and Comfy

So since I've been partially unemployed and self employed I've taken to all my husband's sweatshirts. In fact, some of my favorites are his newest ones that were either birthday or Christmas gifts from this past year. He's not even had a chance to wear them as I've monopolized them all! Yesterday, he walked in as I was playing with my son. I let my boy play sports in the house like basketball or hockey. We've got indoor goals, plastic pucks, nerf I have safe zones away from all my breakables, where we play. We happened to be playing hockey yesterday when my husband walked in the room, as it was his turn to play and mine to take a break. I had on yet another one of his sweatshirts. I think it's been bothering him a bit because he gave me that look & asked, "You've got on another one? " I nodded and smiled. "Why are you wearing all my sweatshirts?" "Because they're cozy and comfy...they make

My son, the miser

My son has and will always have a very big heart. In years past, on his birthdays, he's taken the initiative to give to various charities of his choice. You can click here to read about last year's birthday giving. It was pretty amazing. Well - one year older and little wiser to the world, he's gaining more knowledge of money and it's power. I think the fact that I've been somewhat unemployed or self-employed since July, has had a larger effect than I thought. Obviously, it benefits him, because I get to spend almost all my time with him, but he notices that we're restricted as a family to do certain things, from big to small on a financial level. Last Wednesday night, at church, we were helping the kids decorate little plastic piggy banks. We told the kids, once they filled this itty bitty bank up...they could feel free to donate it to the charity of their choice. We're trying to teach these little hearts and minds about other places of the worl

Super is the New Awesome

How cool was the game tonight? How many of you writhed in agony at the many near-missed touchdowns by the Steelers? How many of you were jumping up screaming, "Go Go Go!!!" at the amazing 100-yard touchdown by James Harrison? The crazy attempt by the Steelers to get that last score in? Not once but, twice, and three times finally score... CRAZY!! My husband is such a freak of nature with his sports addiction in general, let alone when one of his favorite teams is playing. He'll root for the little league...all the way up to the pros. So imagine his anxiety level at tonight's game. I think hands down - this was the BEST Superbowl ever played. I feel incredibly sad for Kurt Warner, as he's an amazing QB and person, but I'm rejoicing right now for me and my family. Our team won an AWESOME game. The Cards should be proud, not just because they were a part of a game that will go down in history, but because they played really well. Both teams played