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UNDEFEATED in Theaters Tomorrow!

After a rough couple of weeks (you'll know why if you've read my post from last week ) I've needed a shot in the arm with something good. Even today I had to rush to the hospital to see a client/friend, who'd been in a serious car accident.  An accident she was blessed to survive. In so many ways I feel overwhelmed emotionally. A couple days ago, I heard about UNDEFEATED.  I just watched the trailer and it sums up how I've been for the last two months. Just like the kids in this trailer  - I've struggled with all that life has thrown at me lately. And just like these kids, who have a leader in their coach, someone who cares about them unconditionally ... I have a leader and coach in my God. I know how blessed I am.  And a few rough months won't keep me down.  A few rough months is nothing compared to the rough lives most of these kids have to overcome. I think EVERYONE should see this.  Sean Combs, also known as 'P. Diddy' saw this film

Brian Naranjo - A Celebrated Man

It's Saturday... It's Saturday, and at this very moment a few hundred miles north of me, my friend is grieving the loss of her husband. It's Saturday, and this week has felt like an eternity.  I've moved through this week with such a heavy heart. And I feel guilty for being trapped in this fog of sorrow, as I'm not the one who lost my life long partner of over twenty years. I'm not the one who just got my husband back from Afghanistan, only to lose him to unexpected death. I can not fathom how my friend is coping, walking step by step through the process of burying her soul mate at the tender young age of thirty-nine. Brian Naranjo would have been forty years old on February 29th, 2012. Brian Naranjo would have his whole life ahead of him. He would have been celebrating a marquis year when you're supposed to reflect on where you've come and what you have left to do.  In reading his Facebook wall, as I'm inexplicably drawn to it, I&