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A Frog Haunting

Last night, I heard rustling in my bedroom by the bed when nothing or no one else was in the room. I'm not gonna lie. It kinda freaked me out. When I couldn't find the source, and it finally stopped, I wrote it off to a random occurrence. Then at two in the morning, my kid came to wake me up, saying there was scratching noise under his bed.  Again, I was a bit caught off guard. He said he wasn't scared and had even searched under his bed with a flashlight to find nothing. Man, at that age, if I were him, I'd have been screaming for my mom but not him. He said he told me only because he thought I'd like to know. I walked him back to his room, not because he was scared but because I was a bit creeped out. What was making noises in our rooms??! Then, tonight, my husband caught a squatter in our house. Yup, a squatter... but not the kind you're probably thinking of. This was the kind that hops and eats bugs. A baby frog was bouncing in his room inside