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Worn thin

Today I feel as if I've earned my blog name, wornoutwoman. You can read more about it here. I'm in desperate need of sleep, but cannot complain as my husband hasn't slept since Thursday. Today we visited the health fair and my mom and I got our glucose and cholesterol checked. I came in above average in my good levels and way below the bad levels, so I'm very healthy. Yay! When my son saw my mom's finger pricked, he was fascinated with the whole process. The nurse gave him the band-aid to put on her finger. She called him her little doctor and told him she'd be his nurse when he grew up. He was very impressed with himself. When it came time to prick my finger, he started crying because he couldn't stand to see me bleeding. He just teared up and pouted. It made me so sad. He's had a lot to deal with this weekend, again you'll have to read the post link up above to read more about that. The nurse asked her little doctor if he'd

Dog gonit!

A few months ago my dog got out of our back yard and was gone overnight. It was traumatizing for our whole family. We were consumed with finding him as he was fourteen years old, needed his medication, and is blind as a bat. I just knew he would be hit by a car. It was the first time my son had seen me cry...okay bawl like a baby...and he kept getting a dishrag to dry my face. It was really hard on him in a matter of different ways. Well this morning, I left the garage door open to allow my engine to run and warm-up. My chocolate lab has never runoff while in the midst of his food. And his bowl was full, so I let him out in the garage to eat. It wasn't a worry of him running because he'd never before. Well, there's a first time for everything. I stepped out to load up my son for school, and Hershey was M.I.A and nowhere to be seen. I ran down the driveway calling his name as my little boy stood by our car, distressed. "What do I do mommy? Where is he

Shaking my head

This post got me thinking about some doctors and their callous sense of everyday life. I think sometimes they forget that just because they see things day in and day out, that the rest of us aren't quite as de-sensitized to the whole bodily process and pain thing. It always amazes me when a doctor has a could care less attitude. Not all in the medical field are this way...let me stipulate! Most are great with bedside manner. The reason they got into the field is that they care, but some just should change professions. Like the nurses that stick my son with shots or swab his throat in a rough manner, because they don't take time to be careful. Those are the kind of people I'm talking about here. Thankfully I've got a great G.P. and Pediatrician that are empathetic. Now my OBGYN, although a wonderful doctor and caring to a point, is someone who is rather clueless to certain things like pain. I know next to having a baby, there is no such thing as pain. So

Anyone care to guess?

Anyone up for guessing what this is all about??? Closest guess gets a pat on the back and a hoorah!

Five years ago

Monday, March 10th, 2003, I proceeded to stand up at the end of my sales meeting to go back upstairs to my office. Something in my huge belly creaked, popped, and groaned just enough to keep me from standing. Most of those around me asked if they could help me stand because I was stuck in my chair. Me, being tough, brushed it off as nothing and thanked them for their offers. I got my fat self off my chair to waddle to the staircase. Thankfully, one of the men I worked with, also a father, was wise enough not to let me take the stairs back up to our floor. He escorted me to the elevator, swiped his ID card, and walked me to my little cubicle. I was to have a ride-along that day with a new rep, who was sick and coughing. I'd been riding with him three days prior and unfortunately was now thoroughly congested. I walked to his cubicle and told him I would meet him later as I thought I had a doctor's check-up at the hospital. He asked to drive me, because like everyon

Yes I'm still here..

I'm not avoiding any of you guys, I promise. It's just been busy with my son's birthday (yesterday...sigh) and work drama. Life has been in overdrive for me here in Oklahoma. I'm taking two days off from work after a blow-up between my boss and me.  I need some time away to re-evaluate, re-charge, and get back in the game on Monday. Be patient while I take a re-charge and a chill pill for a couple of days. I promised my blogger buddy, Tam , I'd post about my son's birth and haven't even gotten to that yet. So that's to that's a nail biter! Have a wonderful week you guys! Love to you all...

a startling lesson

Okay, so I got a sex ed lesson this week from my almost 5-year-old. I know at this age kids are extremely interested in their bodies and the differences in them and the opposite sex. I think with boys...they are from birth to the grave....but I digress. He called me into the bathroom and said, "hey you know my hump?" (He calls his nads his hump, and I've never told him any other term) I nodded my head. He asked, "do you know it's a bucket of skin that holds my pee?" I raised my eyebrows and said, "No, I didn't know that." this point I'm not going to correct him. I'm just gonna let him figure some stuff out on his own until "THE" talk comes at a later date. He got excited and kept going, " And you know what? " "What?" "When I'm older...I'll have hair on it too!" I almost fell to the floor at this one! "Ooooh really? Where did you hear that?"

Accident Update

So I finally got my rental yesterday...Yay! I only get fifteen dollars a day from my rental insurance, but Enterprise didn't have any lower end econ cars so they upgraded me for free. So now I'm a hip momma driving a big Nitro. Watch out, world. It's nice to have something different to drive for a few days...or weeks depending on how long my cars in the shop. It's not even been seen by an adjuster yet so who knows I'll be getting attached to the Dodge. Yesterday I found out from my insurance company that the kid that hit me and was ticketed at the site, is fighting his ticket. He's claiming it's my fault. Let me ask you. How is it my fault, when he ran his stop sign and T-boned my car...especially when I had NO stop sign? Today I'm calling the officer from the accident to make sure he's at this young kid's court date. And you better believe me and my husband will be there as well. His insurance won't claim liability without th