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ICE storm travel tips

So it's been pretty crazy here for the last couple of months. Between getting stranded Christmas Eve for six hours, in a massive snowstorm, to getting hit again this week with another ice storm. The first of the two storms - gave us over twelve inches of snow for days on end. Christmas was not typical in that most families were not together, because they were stranded and unable to travel. We just took down our Christmas tree last week because we promised our son we'd keep it up until all our family Christmases were done. It almost felt like winter was trailing off until this blasted ice storm hit this week. Again - because I'm 'that' lucky, I worked most days during the storms and ended up traveling home in it all again. Thankfully, I work for a wonderful company that allowed me to close our store so that myself and one employee could go home.  We closed two full hours before the mall did. You know it's serious when two major highways are shut do

checkin you out...

So when did it happen? When did my son turn into a teenager at the tender age of six - almost seven. The day before yesterday we went to see the SQUEAKQUEL with Alvin and the Chipmunks . It was hilarious to see my son laugh and blurt out kid commentary throughout the film. I love watching him giggle at something. His face lights up. However his face lit up for an entirely different reason earlier that day, and I almost lost it. I tried not to giggle, but he was too cute. We were waiting for our friends to join us at the theater when a young blonde seven-ish little girl walked by. I noticed her doing a double-take at my son and giving him a shy sideways look. I looked down at him and said, 'Dude she was totally checking you out!' He said with a wide grin, 'And I was checking her out mom!' I asked him what that meant and his response? 'It's when you're seeing if you'd make a good couple with someone.' OH. MY. GOSH. First - I st