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What would NOAH tweet about?

So news of Darren Aronofsky's NOAH is popping up all over the web.  From this story on USA Today to hundreds of twitter feeds and Facebook posts. Not only is the excitement is building from the different outlets and word of mouth, but also through Aronofsky's tweets from his direct feed. You can go follow him here for a play by play on the movie's progress. Russell Crowe is even engaging in tweeting about his experience along the way. It made me start thinking, "What would NOAH tweet if he could?" Day 1 - lots of rain... people are laughing at my ark. They think I'm an #epicfail Day 10 - Water has overcome our city. People are not laughing anymore. They're begging to get in. #thisishard Day 20 - I don't see a living soul...very sad. Surrounded by water.  #confusedbutstayingfaithful Day 30 - I really want off this big boat. My family is grumbling, but I'm trusting God. #theanimalssmell Day 40 - I see a rainbow. We've found land.

Facing Redemption Update

So the cover for Facing Redemption is done. The final review is in (all glowing reviews), and I'm ready to roll.  Above is a teaser of what the cover is going to look like.  The model, who posed for the cover, is very easy on the eyes and will be at the launch party for photo ops with anyone interested. We're going to have live music, free appetizers, pics taken with author and cover model, and door prizes.  It will be a fun night. So far we've got a solid turnout but could always use more.  If you're in OKC on September 15th, come by Sauced, the best pizza place in the Paseo district.  While you're there, order a pizza and stay for a while.  You'll have a good time!