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I found my first review on Goodreads today.  I was like - YES!  People are surprised and feeling - truly feeling - the emotion that I poured into every page. So far Amazon has four reviews - all 5-stars. From the day I started writing this one - God whispered in my heart, 'This is the one.'  I don't know the extent of what that means until all the chips fall, but so far this is starting out much better than the other books I've released! If you've never read any of my books --- YOU NEED TO START WITH THIS ONE. It's something special ...  the synopsis tells a bit of the story, but by no means delves into the whole thing.  There's not enough room on the back cover of a book to give readers a glimpse of what truly is between the pages. If you're able to read this one - please leave me a review.  Reviews are how other readers find me. So, I thank you in advance! AND THANK YOU, NELL!  I'm honored you like my books.

Book Give-away!

If you'd like a shot at receiving a signed paperback of ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES - CLICK HERE ! This contest is open to readers in the U.S., Canada, Great Britain, and Australia - and will run between the dates of Sept 12th - October 15th, 2017. Be the first to read this new book! Winners are picked randomly at the end of the giveaway. Once you've read the book, kindly leave a review on Amazon  and  Goodreads . Also, if you enter to win - I'd love to hear from you. Message me, tweet me, or leave me a message here.   Synopsis After the tragic loss of her husband, Alexis Mathers packs up her clairvoyant, seven-year-old daughter and heads for home only to find that her grandmother, Evelyn Bozeman, has died in a mysterious accident. As Evelyn’s life was an enigma before her marriage into the Bozeman family, Alexis makes it her sole mission to understand who her grandmother was and the kind of life she left behind. Although Tyler Jameson grew up

In the Electronic Age

How many of us are so attached to our phones or our games that we would have a sense of anxiety without them?  Studies show iPhone anxiety is a real condition, and, trust me, most of us feel it on some level every day. How many times do you wander the house when you can't remember where you put your phone? How about when your phone slips between the seats of your car?  It's a mini-panic attack in the making. Imagine this times a thousand if for some reason we lost access to power.  How would your world change?  How would medicine get sent to the pharmacy in a timely manner?  If computers were a thing of the past, how would we stay connected or get our jobs done?  It gives me chills to think of how our lives would change. Well,  a very smart group of people decided to write, produce, and make a series about this very thing with 'Our Daily Bread'. The show highlights two segments of groups - Millennials, whose concern is solely for themselves and the entertainm