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Love Notes

My son is at an age, where the boys and girls are already separating into groups of the same sex but still notice one another. He has a gorgeous little four-year-old girlfriend, who used to be in his class last session. Now they go to separate schools, so (sigh) they only see one another from afar at birthday parties. This past weekend, we attended yet another birthday party. I called his girlfriend's mom to see if she'd be there, and let her know that my son would be attending. This knowledge sparked this adorable little girl to write my son a love note. See it above...she drew him and her twice under the sun together. She wrote their names, but I cropped those out due to my son's and any child's privacy that I write about on my blogs. It was the sweetest thing ever to see her hand it to him. I wondered if he'd respond in kind and smile sweetly at her. He just held on to it, without opening it and returned to making his party favor bag with the other

This Generation of Motherhood

Born in 1972 to a military dad and a domestic mom, I experienced a lot in my short life-different cultures and lifestyles. What most interesting to me was my own mother's unique ability to do anything well. My mother is the queen of all crafts. She's an artist, who designs her own patterns and creates the most beautiful stained glass art. She's an expert seamstress, who can whip up a valance and drapes in a jiffy or master the complicated art of quilting at the highest level. She's a master gardener who always won 'best garden or yard' when I was growing up. She's literally trained as a master gardener! She's a whiz in the kitchen, cooking up the most incredible creations you've ever tasted. As we moved to state to state...or country to country, she would learn and perfect every local cuisine. Her mother before her, my adorable Grama, was a home economics teacher who raised and fed three kids and all their friends. Her home was open to a


Each day I'm blessed to work for my company. Not only do I work for a great group of people, but I get the opportunity to work with my sister. She is one of a kind. Not only is she my best friend, but she's my servicing manager. If it weren't for her I wouldn't have made this far in my career. She's my backbone and an awesome trainer!

Why I love my husband

My husband is the one who does most of the grocery shopping in our home. Since he's got severe food allergies, he knows what he can and can't eat. So it's just more convenient for him to do than me. Luckily for him, this means he gets to do all my shopping too...for things like female necessities and such. He's such a good sport...especially last night when I came home late from a funeral and forgot to pick up some pads on the way home. He gave me that look that left no room for interpretation and got his keys. I was getting my son ready for bed, while my husband ran to Walgreens. He needed a few toiletries for himself too, so it wasn't all in vain. After successfully getting my son tucked in, I walked to my room to get ready for bed. I walked in the bathroom and picked what I expected would be normal KOTEX maxi-thins, except it wasn't KOTEX at all. I softly hollered into our room, "Hey what's this?" "Oh. I couldn't find

Putting Out Flames

Today my mom and son had an activity day. They went to a friend's ranch to visit their horses (notice his cowboy boots), and then made their way to one of the many fire departments throughout the city. Usually when we visit, it's a quick tour. He gets to sit in the truck, and they'll point out all the equipment. We usually go to a different fire station each time to see them all. This time my mom told me that the squad went waaay out of their way to give him the V.I.P. tour. She took many pictures that I just had to post. They let him see all the behind the scenes stuff! They showed him which buttons to push to make the ladder go up and down. Afterwards, fireman climbed up the ladder to wave down at my son. Then they drove around the block with my son up front! He was way impressed! They dragged out the hose to let him hold it and spray the water across their front lawn. He told me that it got too heavy. I can imagine! Then he got the internal

First Day of PRE-K

Today was classic and will forever remain in my memory as one of the cutest days I've experienced with my son. Pre-K started Friday, but due to my son's surgery, I didn't start him until today. He needed a full week to recover. His new school starts about a half-hour earlier than Mother's Day Out, so I thought I'd have a problem getting him up and roused. No sir! No sooner did the clock hit 7:30 a.m. and my son was up and raring to go. I heard rustling noises coming through the monitor, so I walked down the hall to peek my head in. I saw an excited child, who'd already dressed himself nicely, but who was pulling up DARK olive green knee socks. Chuckling, I entered to suggest some white ankle socks to match his red shirt and blue cotton shorts. This is what I got: "No...this is a kid's room only, Mom! No Mom's allowed!" Okay? So I left him to his fashion blunder and continued to pack his things up. I told him he had to eat a b

13 Ways to Beat Summer Heat

Rebecca, my blogging buddy, just posted about her weather frustrations and how the heat in hampering her summer activities and endangering her children's well-being. She's got me thinking about ideas of how to beat the heat. Oklahoma is well known for its heat and humidity. I once had relatives visiting from Hawaii, where it's cool and tropical. They came to OK and were not OK! They were miserable and couldn't stand the heat. This over 15 years ago and they've sworn never to come back. This week it's hit 100 plus every day. Today my car read 108 degrees, although I'm sure it was reading the concrete temp. The air temp was more around 100. This added to the heat index which can make it feel 112 or higher. Norman, Oklahoma is home to the National Weather Service. We Okie's are bombarded with weather every day. It's a huge deal around here. So how do you beat the heat? Here are a few things we do: *Water Sprinklers in the shade

Toddler sippy cups and more

For years, there have been concerns about plastics and toxins leaking into our systems. The question to eat microwave dinners or not....the dilemma of freezing bottled water. Both concerns are valid and potentially dangerous. My aunt saw a disturbing report on the national news last week at the airport. She was waiting to board and saw a picture on TV of a sippy cup, that looked like the one my son has used. She focused on the newscast to see what it was about and was immediately concerned. The newscaster was telling of a new report linking plastic sippy cups to neurological disorders in infants and toddlers. It reported that as adults we're less vulnerable to the dangers of bad plastics, but our kids are in danger. I googled to see what I could and found a lot of disturbing reports out there. I found out not only was it neurological disorders that I needed to be concerned with, but genetic/fertility issues also came into play. It's way overdue to wean my son fro

Surgery? What surgery?

This morning was pretty easy. We had two people come by the waiting room, from our church, to pray with us over our son. I already had a peace that he wouldn't have any issues from the anesthetics. My mom is highly sensitive to it and almost hasn't woken up from it a few times. We weren't sure how my son would react. Giving him his sleep meds...whatever they were...was pretty funny. I saw my son at four stoned from the meds, which was funny but disturbing at the same time. The reality hit when the nice nurse walked out with him, and he slurred, "Hey, yooou guyzzz. Wuhhaait fer mmee rrright hr." Translation....he wanted us to wait for him to get out in our pre-op room. All in all, it took 45 minutes or so. The nurse even called me from the surgical room when my son was put under to reassure me that everything was going smoothly. The other mothers in the room all commented that they wished their doctors would have done the same thing for them. I thou

Trust me...this is fun!

Trust me, you will love this one. This isn’t your usual meme where someone demands you blab endlessly about yourself or even about others. No this is completely different . If you are tagged with this meme just copy and paste this text and the following rules. The rules of this meme are simple. 1) Go to 2) Click on Google images 3) Type in your name and search 4) Repost (w/ a link) the picture of the oddest, craziest, strangest, coolest, oldest, etc. person that shares your name. Post multiples if you find a few you like. 5) Pass it on to at least 5 other people. I have a few random pics that pulled up....first was one of me: This was was when I met Rick Springfield, after having to work as a bouncer/security person at his concert when his security detail were too busy getting big busted women to rub up on them to do their own jobs. (Long story) The next I found was of a cat, whose owner has the same name as I do. I expected to pull up the owner'

Boot Scootin' Baby

Friday night was my sister's birthday party, which was held at an old haunt of mine. It's since changed hands and is under a new name, Club Rodeo, but it's still the same old place. A few things have changed, like the location of the dance floor. They've added a bullpen at the end, for live bull riding. The crowd last night was a little older, but it's the same ol' place. In fact, I almost could dictate what song would be played from hour to then then dance music. It was fun! I hadn't two-stepped for about ten years, but it was like riding a bike. I danced with our friends all night as my husband left a little early to go get our son. I stayed to spend the night out on the town with my best friend and sister. She's one and the same! And although I'm still sleepy was well worth it! It was great being there with loved ones and friends. I loved experiencing it as a 30-something, happily married gir

Crazy Dayz

So I'm really in a good mood today. Not that I'm not most days, but we all know some days are better than others. Usually, most working moms get really worn out, pretty fast. Lately, though God has blessed me with so much peace. Not only has He graced me with a better outlook, but He's provided some really good things at work for me. I made the top 25 for my region for the last quarter, which I wasn't expecting. That was a huge surprise. Plus I sold my first contract today for a new beta product that my company has. I'm one of 30 people in the whole company to have signed a deal on it so far. God is so good. I want to shout at the top of my lungs today.....yippee! On top of all this, it's been really hectic at work. (Then again...when is anyone's work not hectic?) It's just been a little more crazy than normal. All I can do is laugh...especially when my husband has commented at dinner, "I call you and all I hear is: Hey