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Thankful Sisters

Yesterday my family spent the day at my grandmother's in a remote small town. In fact, one wise family member, who is under the age of ten, mentioned that the town looked exactly like Radiator Springs! We all got a laugh out of that one. My grandmother still lives in her home, that's crumbling apart it's so old, and is going strong. As a family, we decided to have Thanksgiving at her house this year. It may be the last time we're able to at the age my grandmother is. As kids, we loved to play there. She's got a big goldfish pond in her back yard, which my sister fell in as a kid. Those goldfish are so big and so makes me wonder if they've been around longer than me. My grandmother also had a secret passageway in her home. Well, it's more like to connecting closets that run the center of her home. So this little hallway that led from the guest room to the master bedroom became our secret passageway...a charming little secret we always

An Art History Lesson

I'm fighting the stomach crud this week, and yesterday it was at it's worst. My little one, being as patient as he could, finally started jumping up on the couch to cuddle. This was so sweet and endearing, but his squirming little body was making my stomach hurl. I tried to explain to him how I felt by pointing out a print we have over our mantle. I said, "Honey see that painting above our fireplace? The one with the swirls in the night sky?" "Yes." "Well...that's how mommy's tummy feels and the more you move the more my tummy swirls around. Can you be as gentle as possible when you make any moves?" "Yes, of course...what is that up there, Mom?" So we got into the history of "A long time ago we didn't have all this technology. Before we were born...there weren't camera's to take pictures, so artists did a lot of painting to show the world's beauty around them to others. And that pain

Play dates with the dudes!

Today my son and his two friends went to see the Bee Movie, which we all thoroughly enjoyed. There were a few things that weren't exactly on my kid-friendly approval list, but they were so far above their little heads/minds that I overlooked them. The overall message was a good one and the humor was adorable. I toted my son and his best friend in my car, and we met his other friend and his mom at the theater. It was the first time we've gotten them all together, other than at a birthday party. It was so cool seeing their excitement just to be able to hang with the guys ! We couldn't even find the right movie screen at first. I specifically asked for (in clear English) The BEEEEE Movie at the ticket window! When we walked in, and the theater attendant took our tickets, he told us to go to theater number nineteen.  We all walked the nine-million miles to screen number nineteen and walked in...only to find out that it wasn't The Bee Movie at all. It was full

You got me?

Today was a momentous occasion as a mom, as I watched my son take flight on his bike... without training wheels. We took them off last week, but today was the first day he felt daring enough to try his riding it without the safety net. We got home around five p.m. and the beautiful weather just beckoned. As soon as he got out of the car, he wanted to try riding. I didn't worry too much about the helmet and knee pads, as I wasn't going to let go, so off we went holding him steady on his bike. He toodled around the driveway a few times until I offered a venture on the sidewalk. It was a much straighter path, and it would be easier on my back as I bent over to hold him steady. Once I saw how well he was doing, driving a straight line, I slowly let go. I told him, "I still got 'cha buddy. Keep going!" In truth, I was close enough to catch him if he fell, but he was sailing fast and furious on his own volition down the sidewalk without any knowledge of my

Happy November

Wholly Frickin' Moley... November is here! How did that happen? You know what this means? Thanksgiving will be here before we know it! Then Christmas! Wasn't it just Christmas? Or am I in a time warp? So when do most of you officially start pulling out the holiday decorations? Do you wait till the day after Thanksgiving, or do you get a head start so you can enjoy it longer? We have an artificial tree, mainly because of allergies, but also because I hate the waste that goes on in this country. Well, that....and vacuuming up pine needles is not high on my priority list. My tree's full of different decorations. It's pre-lit and full of my son's home-made goodies or trinkets from all the places I've lived or visited. We've got glass blown lava ornaments that are the most beautiful decorations I own. We also have little mini disco balls, in honor of my husband's music background. Our tree is a montage of our family from interests to trav