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Catching up with you...

So I haven't posted since October ... wow! I guess blogging has gone to the wayside with all the projects and work I've been doing. But since Oklahoma has been frozen by a blizzard, I thought I'd take a few seconds to communicate to any of you out there, who still read this little blog. Lots of things have happened in three months. A few for starters: * I was asked to become an asst. manager at my work - so that took me from part-time to full time. (hence no blogging) * My own photography company picked up like crazy. (hence no blogging) * more author events to promote the book (still no time for blogging) * Christmas enveloped our schedule, rushing through the few hours I did have. When I wasn't working or with family, I had to get any shopping done which became non-existent in December. Once December started, my hours changed to accommodate all other shoppers, which left me closing my store at 11 pm and home by midnight. So my husband had the fun chor