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Crazy like that...

Sometimes my brain goes into overdrive. The bottom of my computer screen has this lovely weather bar at the bottom. Seeing it - my mind automatically parrots Snoop Dogg, and I say to myself, "Fashizzle, my frzdrizzle." Now tell me why my dorky brain does such crazy stuff? And sometimes it's when other people are talking, and I have to stop it, my brain, and intently listen to them. Do you do this or am I the only one who's a little crazy??

Encouraging Words

It's amazing when my 5-year-old comes home, talking about the history behind MLK day. When I was in Kindergarten, we learned our colors, numbers, and maybe a few words. My son comes home teaching me about rhombuses, arctic animals and their habitats, and about politics. Today, he came home and gave me a history lesson. He said Martin Luther King was a very good man who delivered a speech that he was killed for. I'm sure the teachers tried to give these kids the whole picture of 'I have a dream,' yet this is the part that stuck with my child - 'he gave a speech that he died for...' I tried to impart some wisdom at that moment. Wisdom like that of MLK and what he tried to stress on that day he died. That we are all created equal even though some people judge others because of their background, race, or religion. That we all should work as a human race to improve our society with peace and respect. That we should NOT judge others based on their color,

Never know what you're gonna get...

These days my son, the cerebral five-year-old is so analytical and ponderous on a variety of subjects. So much so that I an anticipating every word... Even yesterday, as we were folding laundry, he told me it was his job to put every item up. He asked me not to touch any items after I folded them (he was trying to earn playing the Wii). When he was making his multiple trips from the stacks I had folded, to gather and attempt his duties, he stopped when he grabbed my underwear. He looked at them, turned to me, and curiously said, "Mom...why do you wear such little underpants for your big bottom?" what do you say to that? So I answered the only way I knew how. "Weeellll... I don't want big underpants to poke out the pants I wear, so I try to make sure everything fits." It seemed to satisfy his curiosity for the moment. I'm just glad I didn't have any thongs in that stack of underwear. No telling how the conversation could have turn