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His Timing

God's plans are so much bigger than what we could ever fathom. His vision extends further than our limited scope of what we want, need, or can comprehend. If there is something in your life that you're desperately praying for, do not give up hope or faith!  There have been so many times that I prayed for something without understanding only to be blessed ten to fifteen years later! When his answer finally came , it did so with perfect timing, the exact fit, and completed me in such a way that I was overwhelmed with peace. If he'd said yes to me years earlier, I wouldn't have learned half of what I needed to, gained the spiritual understanding/strength to handle it, nor would I have the same appreciation. His timing is everything, so trust that He has your best interests at heart... even if the answer is no. It may just be... no, not right now. Let him feed you spiritually, grow you, and move you to where you need to be to see the big picture.