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7th Grade Essay Over Tone Starring Donald Trump

So my kid wrote an original story tonight for his English class, and I just had to share it.  Courtesy of Lil' T - here you go: The Menacing, Suspenseful Story of...                                     DONALD TRUMP                 It was a dark and stormy morning… What did you expect? A dark and stormy night?   Come on, I’m more original than that! Wow. Just wow. Anyway, It was a dark and stormy morning. When a group of kids went to Donald Trump’s house to do research for their horror game in the making, ‘5 nights at Donald Trump’s’. When they crept to the house, it had creaked and groaned. Then, the doors mysteriously opened. And when they went in, the doors behind them disappeared. (What did you expect? For them to close and lock on their own? We’ve been over this! Originality!)   They decided it was too late to turn back and went down the dark and spooky halls. In the distance, they thought they saw a light. They headed over, and Donald Trump’s face app

Second Chances is Live!

Today is the day!  Make sure to get your copy on amazon HERE if you prefer a Kindle copy.  If you're a fan of paperbacks, which I am, you can get it HERE .  Please leave a review when you're done, as it helps other readers find my books.

Oklahoma Explosion and the Power of Prayer

Some of you may have seen it on the national news.  Some of you live here in Oklahoma City and heard the blast for yourself.  This weekend has been one for the books as far as I'm concerned. At 3:15 a.m. on Saturday morning, my husband and I shot up from our bed as a loud sound boomed through our home.  A split second later, our home alarm squealed through the air as the previous noise had triggered the 'break glass' function near our back door. What we didn't know then was that deafening noise that filled our house was the result of a gas explosion only a street or two away.  The impact shook the back of our home, triggering our alarm and shaking loose some of our framing and exterior. As I crept through the dark interior of our house, my husband talked to the alarm company through what we heard not knowing if it was an intruder or something else.  They said they'd send out a cruiser, but without the siren, as our concern was that it would wake the neigh