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The path before me ...

When I started this blog it was because I had a 'Corporate America' j-o-b and was a new mom, who was burning the candle at both ends. I felt like I was completely worn thin and out. I was working my tail off for someone else only to come home too worn thin to have quality time or energy to invest in my family. After a long battle of mentally weighing my options - budget vs. investing time with my child - I decided to work from home. When my child was three, I took a work from home position and gambled by stepping into a full commission position. It was a large leap of faith, but worth every stressful second knowing I had more time at home. After three successful years in this position, it went to an 'office only' position, so again I decided to leave. As always God had my back every second of the way as I just so happened to be fully vested at the exact time I had to leave the company, which meant I would still receive a small paycheck from the company for the