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Thank you ....

As a brat, you see all sorts of different elements around the globe, which makes one understand how certain aspects of life can shape cultures, economies, and moments in time. I wish I could express to those who don't understand the military, just how sacred our freedoms are ... because of the blood that has been shed by our military men and women throughout time.  Saying thank you isn't enough. Honoring them over a weekend seems trivial.  I wish I could open more eyes of  complacent Americans to allow them an insight into how much heart has gone into their citizenship and rights, whether they appreciate them or not. Thank you to our fallen heroes. Thank you is not enough - but thank you is all I have. ‪#‎ happymemorialday‬ *On a side note - a lot of people get Memorial Day and Veteran's Day mixed up.  Today is about serving the fallen. Although thanking the living vets is always welcome  ... today is reserved for those who shed blood for our freedoms.

Through The Storms

It's May in Oklahoma. Anyone that lives in Tornado Alley knows what this means. This mixture of cool and warm temperatures leaves the area with high probability that severe weather will break out.  We even have a national storm center here, in Oklahoma, with one of the top meteorology schools in Norman.   Why do storm chasers flock here?  Because the below picture is a common theme for Spring in Oklahoma.  This multi-vortex wedge tornado was just forming when I took a quick photo of the news, but it went on to cause some major damage last night. As Oklahomans, we get asked how can we stand living here?  We must be crazy!  Well, there is extreme weather everywhere.  Name a region that doesn't get tornados, earthquakes, flash flooding, tropical storms, or ice storms.  Oklahoma just happens to get all of them.  Last night, the storms were staying south of us, traveling east.  (See that little circle up there? That's the general area where I live, in NW

It's Coming Soon ...

Grace Aundine, beautiful socialite and member of one of  the most notable families on the east coast hasn’t known  real love since the death of her parents.  Controlled by her  grandmother, betrayed by her boyfriend, and abandoned by  her sister, Grace is on the run and in hiding from  her family and the world. Nathan Burkette just wanted to be left alone.  He knew all  too well about being betrayed by the ones you love.  After  getting out of the military - Burke chose a solitary life on Oahu,  where he thought no one would bother him ... until Grace  shows up on his beach ... alone, battered, and looking like  she could jump out of her skin.  Burke tries to leave Grace to her own devices, as she sits  alone on the sandy shores behind his home, but fate  intervenes.  Before both of them know it - they are not  only falling in love but onto a dangerous path, that leads  straight into Grace’s past. Will he save her in time?