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so here's the deal ...

I promise I've not been out of commission just running around like crazy, which has kept me from sitting let alone blogging. Life since October has been overloaded with everything retail, as I took a full-time job. Unfortunately, this left me unable to creatively unload, which means I've not completely finished my sequel yet. But ... it's almost done. The only thing creative I've been able to do is to take some photography jobs here and there. I've not had much time off from retail-land to work on my company, but I still get enough work that I feel creatively charged. Here's an example of my last commercial shoot. This is one of many billboards that line the highways in Oklahoma City. I love that my work is posted up for everyone to see. Last week I had headshots for some actors who are talking to some L.A. casting directors for 'Sonny With A Chance'.  That was a treat to shoot those pics for their meeting. Next on the docket is a cale