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Finally, Dangerous Visions is here! Many of you have asked when Anderson's story would be here ... wait no more!  For those who haven't read Endless Possibilities yet - don't worry. While Dangerous Visions is the second book in The Spiritual Gifts Series, it can be read as a standalone. For those unfamiliar with Anderson Evans - here is the synopsis: After awakening from a coma, Agent Anderson Evans struggles to see things clearly as visions plague him throughout the day. The only way to distance himself from his premonitions is to ride cross-country, where he is free from the intermittent flashes that appear from the occasional touch in the crowd. If only he could avoid the reoccurring vision of a woman struggling to survive, but she haunts him as if calling to him.   Savannah Miles never expected that by taking on another bridal client, she’d be signing her death warrant. She soon finds herself caught up in an elaborate underworld that has her fleeing