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Whatever It Takes

They say the eyes are the window to the soul.  If Sammy's eyes were any indication of his soul then the whole world could see through to who he was.  His blue eyes literally danced with light, as he exuded peace.  And, the joy in his heart generously spilled over to those around him. Today, after leaving his funeral - I just want to publicly say thank you to a man, who made a big difference in my family's life.  He'll never know how much he did for us ... well, maybe now he does. His motto 'whatever it takes' wasn't just a saying but a way of life. He did whatever he could for anyone, whether he knew them or not.  If it was within his power to help, he made it happen... and if it wasn't within his power - he'd find out how to creatively make it happen anyway. You were an angel for the short time we had you here ... and now God has promoted you to be on his team of angels in heaven. Much love and respect to you, Sammy.

A Warning to Fainthearted Christians

I know people have certain expectations of what a Christian book should be about. Some have recently been upset because I write about characters that almost have sex or think about it, or maybe have questionable language. They want to know why there are characters like this in a book, which are referenced as Christian? So here's my answer ... I write about characters that are real ... around us every day.  Did Jesus choose to spend his time with perfect Christians or did he dine with sinners?  I think anyone, who has read the Bible, will know the answer to that question. Just because some of us are Christians, that doesn't mean that the good, bad, and ugly in our hearts turn white as snow overnight. For some of us, it's a process. It is a daily struggle to fight sin or temptation to transform into what God wants us to be. In my books, I write about the struggle in life. I allow the characters to go through their own process.  They do not have a perfect walk

That's What Makes the World Go Round ...

Thankfully it takes a lot of different personalities in life, or our existence would become very mundane.  Have you heard the saying, 'It's not for everyone?'.  I'm sure you have, as we all have different opinions on matters that are formed by our own backgrounds and experiences. Is an atheist going to appreciate a preacher's point of view? Probably not - and vice versa. However, I have a few atheist friends, who although they may not agree with my stance on faith, appreciate my choice to have faith. And I, in return, appreciate their choice not to.   Most of the people in my life are giving people, who see that it takes all kinds to run this world of ours. So no matter what their lifestyle or beliefs, they know I appreciate them for them without reservation and expect the same respect in return. This relationship with a person of differing views isn't typical throughout the world though.  Usually, when polar opposites have differing opinions, there wil

Pre-teen Years At a Glance

The first time I saw the angry face was when my child was only four days old. He was quietly sleeping in his hospital bassinet when we had some visitors stop by to see my new precious bundle of joy. I lifted him, laid him on his back, and rubbed his belly with my fingers.  And out came the face ... You know the one!  That scrunched up - attitude throwing - mouth-puckering - frowny face that says 'leave me alone.' Awww.  Did I think it was adorable back then? Absolutely! Now here it is ... almost ten years later and I have the honor of raising such an amazing kid.  He's giving and smart, and still shows me that same frowny face - except this time he's got the pre-teen attitude to go with it.  Ah yes ... the pre-teen years are among us in our household, and boy it is like a smack in the face. Who was once my happy-go-lucky child - is now smarting back and showing his independence in spades. But, through it all - he's the same giving, smart kid... who's l

Sweet Emails Make My Day

After last weeks Facing Redemption downloads from Kindle (which at one point were over 1,500 in one day), I was hoping to hear from some readers after they finished the book.  I  thought maybe in a few weeks or a month, a few might trickle in. However, yesterday, I got an email with the subject line, which read Finding Kylie . Again, I didn't expect this to be anything related to Facing Redemption as it was referencing my first book - not my second. I opened it up, only to read a sweet letter from a very nice lady.  It said she had just read Facing Redemption on her  Kindle but could not find Finding Kylie electronically, and wanted to know the best way to get her hands on a copy.  She also wanted to know when Coming Home was going to be released. I explained that since my contract was up with my previous publisher, she pulled everything off Kindle and that she'd have to order a hard copy. She went on to explain how much she enjoyed the read, and that she was going to h