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He Sees YOU

In reading Luke 5 today - here is what hit me. When Jesus performed the miracle - the gathering of fish so abundant that the fishermen's net broke. The even was clearly overwhelming to those around him. After all, they had fished all night with nothing to show for it. Some days, I can relate to this - working so hard to yield little to no results. Then, when God glances my way with a miracle that is so effortless for Him, I'm humbled at the ease that it is given. Although thankful, my first thought is that I am not worthy. Just like the first disciples, then fishermen, who said, "Go away from me, Lord. I am a sinful man." Yet, Jesus loved and chose them anyway - just like me ... just like you. If you're working so hard that you're at a loss today, know He sees you, He loves you, and He has you.