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Saving Grace - Coming Soon!

In just a few weeks, I'll release one of my favorite books to date. When I started writing, I didn't set out to write a series.  I started with just one book, Finding Kylie, a contemporary romance and family saga about two women and their journey through past and present to learn about love and becoming survivors.  I left the ending somewhat open, while still having closure for the main character. I could have left it alone after Finding Kylie, but the story was so endearing to readers - that I got email after email asking 'what happens next?'.  Hence, the sequel, Facing Redemption was born, but it didn't happen overnight.  To tell the other side of the story, I had to put myself into some shoes that weren't savory and to do that it meant I had to learn to fully forgive.  You see ... these two books are very personal to me for very real reasons.  Read the forward of Facing Redemption and you'll know why. Once I was ready to move forward in my pers

Finding Kylie is Finally Taking a Leap!

We're almost 1/2 way there to our goal!  I wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone, who has supported this kickstarter to date.  In two days, we're half way along.  Granted the goal is very minimal, but in seeing how many of you have stepped forward to help - I'm humbled and blessed.  Please share this post with as many people as you can, to spread the word. Click this link - which will take you directly to our kickstarter, where you can read about the project details and back the project..  Please consider giving us a five or two.  Thanks again from John and myself.

The script for FINDING KYLIE - and the next step

For those of you who love my books, and are looking forward to the hard read, for Finding Kylie , becoming a reality - I've launched a kickstarter   campaign.  All John Schwab , my writing partner, and I need are a handful of friends to support us with a few ones or fives. In his words, "We just need a few pals to  support as if buying us couple drinks ... that's not  much." We don't need much, but it will take a bunch of you  to donate a little - and every bit means the world to  us as we've worked so very hard to make this hard  read a reality. Just click the link below to read about our project.   We only need 2K and have until September to raise it  - but need everyone's help to make it happen.  We've  got a few prizes tied to certain donation levels.   Check it out and please consider donating to a very  worthy cause.