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Without a Doubt

Growing up, we never participated in Lent ... as we were Protestants.  However, I went to a Catholic private school for a few years as a kid.  So I was familiar with the different traditions, like Ash Wednesday or Lent. Over the last decade or so, Lent is been more mainstream through other churches, other than just Catholic. My sister has always participated, and within the last five to seven years my mother followed suit.  I never felt it necessary.  After all ... I tried to live the right kind of life year-round ... right? Well, I've said this before and I'll repeat it here. When it seems like your faith is exactly where you think it should be - when you think you're at your peak in your walk ... watch out.  Because God is so big, and His ways are so great - that you can never stop learning.  And when you feel you're doing just fine in your walk ... you're probably coasting. God has so much more for you. So over the last few years, I've contemplated L