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New Years Reflection

I saw this today and had to share it. As we start a new year, we look back to where we have come from. And, we all have our story. For some it's an addiction - for others it's depression. Your neighbor might be fighting a battle with a physical affliction. You may have too many skeletons in your closet to feel that God could love a sinner, like you. I've been there! And He does love us!! We can go through life saying 'why me' - or we can choose to embrace our life exactly the way it is knowing we're going to be used for good - His good. Your journey may help save someone else's life - physically or spiritually. Don't let circumstances get you stuck on a path of self-loathing or pity when you can mentally champion them through Christ and shine His light.

A New Christmas Memory

Each Christmas brings us new phases and surprises as a family.  I still remember when dancing Elmo was the hit of our season, as my 18-month-old laugh and squealed with delight.  Then, we moved to the 'Is Santa real?' phase.  There were many years in between the two, but those two Christmases stick out the most.  I lovingly reflect on our family moments as we put up our tree, and hang our family moments on each artificial branch. This year, my son spent way less time with me as we decked the halls. As an almost thirteen-year-old, he's more interested in glancing down the hall as I wrap up the presents and decorate the tree.  But I know he's still invested in our family, as he proved today. My heart warms thinking of what happened. We were shopping at Kohls when suddenly he diverted down another aisle, telling me to give him a few minutes. Apparently, he spotted something really special that did not need me in the immediate vicinity for. He spent a few minutes lab

Pre-Order It Now ....

Hey all,  I just wanted to give you an update.  The kindle version of Second Chances is up for pre-order on Amazon today!  It will release on January 15th, 2016!  Thanks to all of you who continually support my work.  I appreciate you all very much.   Here's the link! Kimberly

Second Chances Preview

Unexpectedly, my fifth book, Second Chances, has come together pretty quick.  I had a long timeline scheduled to make sure I'd stay on track for a Spring of 2016 release.  However, the cover came together faster than initially thought, and the person reviewing the book got me her write-up today versus the end of the month. Here is what she has to say about Second Chances: "Second Chances is one of those books you can't help but finish in a day or two, but the characters will stay with you long after that. McKay has created a story that is grounded by realistic people and familiar situations, with just enough drama, romance, and humor to keep readers interested.  Paige finds herself starting over after years of marriage to a cold, controlling man.  Her divorce gives her the chance to rediscover herself, her family, her hometown, and most importantly, the star football player from her high school.  They'd always secretly had eyes for each other, and whi