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Meet the Set Director For Finding Kylie

Okay - I admit - this is a horrible photo of me, but I had to introduce you to my set director for the reading of Finding Kylie. The date is set for October 3rd, and she has such vision and passion that I know it's going to turn out great! We met for lunch today and she (upon meeting me for the first time) enveloped me in a huge hug. I knew I loved her ... she has a heart and a bright smile. We talked about the visuals she's going to put in place and then, in turn, asked me about who each character was.  Not just 'what does Timothy look like?' but 'Who is he and what makes him tick?' This way when casting they would put the right actor in place to make each character as authentic as possible. By the questions, she asked I could tell she'd poured over the script, not just perused it.  So I had to ask her ... what she thought.  Her words blew me away.  In essence, she loved it.  This is a well-versed professional, who knows her stuff, and she loved

When Readers Talk Back

From time to time, someone will leave a review stating what they didn't like about my books.  Hey, it happens.  No one is going to like the same thing all the time.   And even when I get a review that is less than stellar, I'm still honored that someone has taken time to leave their opinion, as that is just what it is. Recently, I got a review saying there were typos in one on my books, which happens.  Unfortunately, not every proofreader will catch everything. Even James Patterson will have a typo or two. What I found hilarious is that when this person left her comment on my book - she had a typo in her review. The last sentence in her review read like this:  I will not be reading the remainder, nor will I bother will the follow-up.   Hmmm - is it just me or shouldn't that read - 'nor will I bother WITH the follow-up? Comments like this make my day.  Not just because they help me get better, but because it's humbling.  Thos

Humbling to Say the Least ...

 Today, I released Saving Grace.  I didn't expect a lot as I didn't do a ton to spread the word on this book compared to previous novels that I've released.  However, today it's slowly climbed in the best sellers list to reach #18 in the top #25 in the  Best Sellers in  Christian Mystery & Suspense Romance  category. I am super humbled to see how many of you have downloaded the Kindle version of this book. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.