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Goals for Motherhood

Getting tagged is always fun if I've got the time to respond. Terri Terri Quite Contrary  challenged me to list my top goals for my life. Although I had already done this on my other  site , it was mostly my personal goals. I think it's great to have separate goals in life. Goals that define me as a person, an employee, a mother, a wife...etc. My other site, Daily Blessings, focused on my personal goals. This time I think I should focus on my goals of being a better mother. A friend of mine asked me to share what I loved most about being a mom in one of her discussions online. She had some mom 'friends' in a chat who were all feeling a major sense of loss due to their stress of being a mom. They'd lost their personal time, they'd lost their figures and minds, and they'd lost a sense of self. Here's what I listed in reply to her request of a little encouragement to pass along: Motherhood is my calling! You've read my posts before, enoug

My first day as a 'Soccer Mom'

Nine o'clock came early this morning. My son has been sleeping in most mornings for the last few weeks, due to my need for sleep (I'm trying to get over this upper respritory crud). However, after giving him a little prep talk last night, that he had to wake up before 8 a.m. to make it to his game, he came running down to our room with his digital clock in hand. It's one of those SkySkan Atomic clocks that will tell the accurate time and temperature on its own. He pushed the button, tapped me on the shoulder, and whispered, "Mom! It's 7:30. Get up, I have a soccer game!" I am so tired from this cough and chest congestion, but there's no way I'd miss the honor of being there. Not only was it his first sporting event (Ah! and now it'll never end!), but it was my first day to be a soccer mom. Something I never saw myself as. I never pictured myself as that girl! Before the game, the coach led the team in a prayer of thanks and protec

A long road...a new dawning

Being on here a while now, I get the fun task of listing certain things that are in response to being tagged. Most are quite fun! However, this last one is a little brain boggling. My task is to list what obsessive thoughts plague me. I don't normally focus on these sorts of things...I push any tiny nagging negative to the back of my brain because I like to always think about the upside of life. However, I never back down from a least a reasonable one. So Carolsplaceforpeace ...this one's for you. You gave me this task and I will follow through. When I was younger, before having a good life, I faced a lot of trauma. Too much trauma for someone that had only lived twenty or so years on the earth. I suffered a lot of pain and mental stress. Through a lot of prayers and hard work on my part, I overcame and survived! I moved on to a healthier me, who didn't want to focus on the past but move forward. However, the past is what made me who I am t

When mom's the bad guy...

Most days are so easy with my little boy. He's an absolute joy to be around, and I understand how blessed I am. Today though was a rough morning! He was being a pill .... part because he was under the weather ... part because he wasn't allowed a donut. He threw a fit for an hour, which only made his congestion and cough worse. Basically, I was the bad guy for not giving him his way. I know all moms have these moments, so I'm not complaining. I think the major issue I'm dealing with him right now is...he doesn't listen. He's not respecting me when I tell him to do or not to do something. Is this normal behavior for a four-year-old??? If any of you have Veggie Tale movies at home for your kids, you may remember the SUV song. They sing about 'cruising to 7-11 for Dunkin donuts and a cup of joe'. My son just laughs at that and thinks it's hilarious. So today we were supposed to cruise by 7-11 to get a donut before going to his caregiver

I think I can...I think I can

What an honor to have the Thinking Blogger Award bestowed upon me! Thank you to my friend at A not so desperate housewife for nominating me for this. She's an amazing mother and military wife, who runs an awesome blog. So why do I blog? Because I'm driven to write every day. It's almost a calling! It's definitely a desire and a passion of mine. Blogging allows me to share a little part of me with all of you. It's a way to connect to the human let you all know that through all our differences or quirks, we're all really just alike. We have the basic needs and wants that most do, some just express it better through blogging! Five others I would like to award this to? That's easy! The Candles Wandering and Wondering Vibrance in Ministry Grit's n Grace Beverely's Blog All five of these recipients deserve this award due to their extraordinary views of the world and how they beautifully express them. Please take a minute t my son has it

I thought I'd get off scot-free without passing this crud to my family. I covered my mouth when coughing and washed my hands. Due diligence didn't really pay off though. Luckily, my son has a mild case of it. BUT...I started out that way until my symptoms ramped up like they were ready for lift-off. I just pray with the help of prayer and Triaminic, that he'll ease back into health a lot faster than I did. Right now he's sleeping, which is the best thing for him. If the sickness will just stay in his nose/head, and keep out of his chest then all will be well. The hard part will be having to drop him off to my caregiver. He won't understand why I have to go to work instead of staying home with him. He's too little too understand that because 'mommy' was sick and couldn't work for a few days that her full commission job won't pay her. He just knows that when I was sick I took a few days for me, so why won't I take a few days for him?

My evil twin

Not a week doesn't go by that I don't have someone say, "I swear I just saw you at the mall." And even when I profess I hadn't been to the mall, or where ever else my alter was spotted, these random people swear they've seen me in various places I haven't been. About 70% of the time when I'm meeting someone new, I often get, "I've seen you before. Where have we met?" No, for those of you thinking that it's a pick-up line...usually it's not. I can tell the difference. Most times it's someone who's seen someone else who 'supposedly' looks exactly like me! I get that type of comment so often that I usually just reply with one of two answers: "Well, that's my evil twin... I hope she was behaving herself this time!" or "Yeah, I get that a lot... I must have one of those generic faces that looks like anyone else." So to put all of your twin theories to rest, I have posted my celebrity lo

working moms

I was leaving my son's mother's day out program last week, while on my cell phone. I am not usually one of those rude people, who talk loudly and ignore their surroundings. When I was walking to my car, I apologized to another mom walking out next to me. "Sorry," I whispered and shrugged my shoulders, "...Conference call for work...I have to be on here." She looked at me and said, "Man, how nice is it to be working while you're taking care of your son? I don't work, but some days I wish I did just to have some sanity." I smiled and nodded, giving her the universal look for I understand and we parted ways. I got in my car and again reminded myself how fortunate and blessed I was. I honestly have the best of both worlds. YES, I have to work, but I can choose how I work! We used to make a lot more when I worked an office sales job that had me tied to corporate politics sun up to sundown. I made money, but couldn't be a q

I'm such a dork!

My husband has worked in the media, and more specifically the music business, for quite some time. He has access to concerts, and meet and greets to most any show that rolls into town. This time he planned on taking me to Rod Stewart, who isn't one of my favorites but I know my husband really likes him. So I wanted to go to in order to give him a night out! If you've read the last few blogs, you already know I've had an upper respiratory thing going on. I'm coughing enough to make you cringe, and knew I wouldn't be good company for tonight's show. Long story short, he put an email out at his office to multiple departments to see if anyone wanted to go out with him to tonight's show. The only respondent was a single, cute, young female that although is engaged to be married is still none the less...single. I completely trust my husband! I know he loves me and would never cheat on me, but it still made me uncomfortable that he'd be spending ti

flattery will get you everwhere

As my previous post mentioned, I'm fighting the crud. It's working its way out of my chest..thank the Lord! I have to go to a work lunch today with my boss and co-workers and warned one of them on the phone today that I wouldn't be looking very good...especially when I'd have to hack up one lung. My son piped up from the back seat of the car, "Oh mommy! You're always so pretty!" That made my it made my week! To have a kid, any kid, at that age, who is too young to know how to lie, tell you how pretty you are when you've got no makeup on and feeling like crap is amazing. It was such an endearing moment that I had to call my husband after I dropped my son off to school. He listened and chuckled before saying, "See I've taught him well!"

The ego has already inflated

My son, who's four, has already become an expert on all things in this world. It must be a man thing. They think they know everything by the age of... four, apparently. Even though it's the beginning of spring and almost the middle of April, it's freezing here in Oklahoma. I'm coming down with a chest cold, and the weather feels like it's the middle of winter! It's horrible and I can't imagine why my son wants to go out in this weather at all. BUT...the other day he kept insisting that he get to go ride his bike around the driveway. "NO" just doesn't work at this age due to their intent to drive to win any conversation. A four-year-old's goal is to get their own way come h--- or high water. After the fifth, "Mommy, please! Can't I go ride my bike?", and my fifth, "NO. I told you it's too cold." It got quiet so I thought I'd won the battle until this matter a fact voice came from my son, saying,

all grown up

My son's first day of children's church was today! He woke up with a start and ran into my room, yelling, "I get to wave palms today mom!" What a wonderful way to get introduced to big kids' church -- by walking through the service waving palms for Palm Sunday! It was so exciting for him and me too! He normally never attended nursery, because 'that was for babies!' --and because weekends were reserved mommy and daddy time. He chose to be with us, and we didn't mind at all. We sat in the overflow area, instead of the sanctuary for four long years. This was monumental in two ways today. Today my little one was so grown up and simply walked to his class without a look back, and mom and dad got to sit "IN" church and listen to a sermon. Hallelujah! Today was a great day! Pardon the palm over my son's face, but I never print his full face on my blogs....only a profile or a back shot. It's a privacy thing, that I'm sur