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The Elevator Omen

I've been contemplating writing about Prince for a few days, but it's hard to put in words how much one person affected so many without making it sound like you're idolizing that person. As a Christian, this is dangerous territory. Especially as I see so many traumatized fans around the world filled with grief, who never really knew the artist formerly known as Prince. However, people like Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, and Prince live in our homes, ride with us in our cars, might be on our first date, or maybe encouraging that first middle school dance with the boy or girl whom you've crushed on from afar.  We, fans, feel close to those who can sing about our innermost thoughts or who can sing something that takes us instantly back to a moment in time. Music, and the artists, almost transport us to a happier place. A bond is created that transports us through time. I get why some get so attached. Especially since the songs of our youth are what shape us as