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iFly is In'freakin-credible

Throughout my life and travels, I've had some really neat things that I've been able to participate in or accomplish.  Not to list them out or name any names, as this is not a brag-book - but to say that I had the most fun in my entire life this weekend is truly special. Since we've not had a summer vacation for our family in a while, we planned a quick four-day get-a-way this past weekend.  We wanted somewhere close but far enough away from Oklahoma City, that we felt like we were going 'somewhere'.  We'd already done Dallas, Ft. Worth, Kansas City, Branson, but weren't ready to go as far as Missouri, Arkansas, or Tennessee.  So we figured Texas, as large as it is, would have a fun suburb that could hold some potential fun for our family - hence... Frisco, Texas, where we found iFly. iFly  has been around for a while but is just now making it's way to Oklahoma City.  Since we knew of it's pending arrival, we thought it would be fun to try it ou

I'm In The Mood

After finishing book 5, I put down my pen and decided to read a few books.  A general rule for me is that when I'm writing - I find it hard to read.  It convolutes my scenes with other author's works, and I'd rather keep my brain free from clutter to keep my characters mine. So now that I'm ready to read, I've had some really great recommendations from some of my readers on my FaceBook page .  Some of them being: Gone Girl The Book Thief T he Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society The Goldfinch And these all sounded really good, and someday I'll tackle them. However, to be quite honest - I didn't want to spend upwards of five dollars to over twelve for a digital book.  Call me cheap, but I was in the mood for two things when surfing the Amazon book list.   Cheap or free An easy read So out of curiosity, I searched with the terms: 'free kindle romances' After days of downloading a few freebies here and there, and perusing

Insight on Inside Out

This won't be a formal review going over how Joy has to work together with her other emotional pals to bring balance to her child.  It won't be a raving review about how many humorous jokes that were laugh-out-loud funny, even though there were some moments that had me bursting out with obnoxious laughter. I won't tell you my favorite parts, because I don't want to spoil it for you. What I will tell you is this: The beginning of the movie and the end are amazingly funny and on the nose with their sarcastic viewpoint about how we all relate and communicate. However, the middle, where Joy and Sadness have to find their way back to headquarters, draaaaaaaagggggggeeeed on FOREVER.  I know they had to make the move a certain length, but the middle section had hardly anything that kept the adults engaged. HOWEVER, that being said, the movie is NOT for adults.  The target market, your kids, will love it! My kid, at twelve, was probably the oldest there, and he

Finding Kylie - The Script

After Finding Kylie was published, a film producer from London reached out to me asking to be a part of the script, insisting that it would be perfect for the screen.  He also warned it was a TON of hard work invested with a LONG turn around as the film industry can take years. 
 I thought, 'Okay a couple years. I can handle that.' However, here we are about eight years later and a major door finally opened.    For the last four years, we've been trying to get a hard read set up.  For those of you who have no idea what a hard read is, I'll explain.  It's basically doing a dry run or a read with real actors, to make sure it is what we think it is 'off the paper'. We've written the script, and in our heads (in 2D) it's perfect - but when acted out or read aloud in 3D - it may not sync.  This just helps me and John , who is the film producer and my writing partner for the script, see it in person to finesse it so that we can hit the film

Win Your Signed Copy - Book Giveaway

Want to win a SIGNED COPY of SAVING GRACE when it releases this summer?? If So — Read Below My goal by the end of July is to have 1,000 likes at my  FaceBook author page , in preparation for the release of SAVING GRACE. To do this – I need YOU to invite your friends to like  my author page .  This is given the fact that you have your own Facebook account.  (If not, set yours up today!) Some may not know how to invite others to a page, so let me step you through it. There are 2 simple steps: 1) Once you go to my  author page , you’ll see a button, below my author profile pic, that says ‘invite your friends to this Page’. (see below?) Click on the button that looks like the one below! 2) Next, your friend's list will pop up, where you can click the button INVITE next to their name. This will invite them to like the page. WHAT IS IN IT FOR YOU?  Send your friends a message, letting them know about your desire to win this book.  Ask them to not just ‘l

Freelance Fun

From time to time, I freelance for different media outlets or organizations. What I love about photo work is that every day is different.  Your subjects and environment always change. The only thing that stays the same is the eye behind the lens and how the photographer challenges him or herself to tell a new story. Today, I filled in for a local paper, which took me everywhere from downtown Oklahoma City, Norman, to the State Capital.  With today's temperatures which were topping at 99 degrees, I was ready to get home to upload my assignments from the comforts of my air conditioner. Here's a glimpse into my day ... Here's from day 2

Jenner Justified?

People on both sides of the spectrum are up in arms with the platform of a transgender lifestyle. When it comes to the transition from Bruce to Caitlyn - people are vocal in both camps. There have been a gazillion Facebook posts about Bruce Jenner's transition and how he doesn't deserve the title,  hero . I know some things in life are black and white - but in this instance... I guess I'm a fence rider. Sigh ... so (twisting my arm) - here are my two cents. First let me state - that as a Christian, I am a believer of the Bible and the fundamentals that come along with that. I know God wants us to follow Him by serving others, striving for a sin-free life, and most importantly accepting His son, as Jesus is our example of what LOVE is all about.  However, God also gives us free will to do with our lives what we want. THAT BEING SAID ... WHO AM I TO JUDGE when someone doesn't live or believe like me??  Although I've been judged or criticized throughout my lif