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See you soon, Susan

When my son was about three - I realized that my life had become central to just being a mom and a wife.  I looked around at my relationships and realized my best friends were my husband, mom, and my sister. Don't get me wrong! Those are great best friends to have. They're all wonderful caring people who want the best for me. But ... sometimes a girl just needs a BFF who has no family ties. It was then that I looked at my life and realized what a vast hole was within as I had no friend to call and just 'talk' or bond with.  I had plenty of casual friends, acquaintances, and really close long-distance friends, yet there was no one at the same stage in life that I could bond with. I soon prayed and asked God to send me someone that was in the same boat as me - someone who needed a loyal friend and that would 'fit'.  That very next day, I sat next to a blue-eyed, blond, friendly face at my son's soccer game.  Although I knew who Susan w