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When I grow up....

I've been stuck in this place lately wondering what I want to be when I grow up...professionally speaking. I've been in sales my whole life essentially since I was five years old, working it at garage sales. I'd assume the sale and direct people to what I thought they needed. This is why I think we've always done so well whenever we have one because we've got a professional garage saler in our midst...ME. Sales are what I'm good at, but it's not what in my heart. They say to do what you love, but I'm always drawn to sales because I can excel at it and provide for the family. Lately, though I've not been excelling at it. I've been stuck in some weird middle ground, where I don't care anymore. I've lost my drive and am left wondering what I should be doing. Doing what I love, writing and photography makes me happy. So here's what I've decided... I have a feeling that my book will be getting published soon, as a small p

The Weeeeekend

This weekend was one I never wanted to end. It's the closest thing I've had to a vacation in a long time. I didn't go to any specific destination. What I mean by vacation is how it made me feel...relaxed, calm, and peaceful. Sunday, we drove forty miles to my in-laws for a cookout/pool party. My son didn't have his earplugs yet, so we couldn't let him swim around too much. I put him in a swim tube so he could kick around, with arm floaties. We borrowed them from family, so of course, as the other grandkids are girls, they were bright pink. I hope my son doesn't grow up to hate me for that. My in-laws are the most amazing people, and so easy to be around. There's never any drama...only laughter. My husband and his brother always play guitar hero against each other. This time my hubby sang with the new video game, rock star?? I think that's what it's called. Anyway, it was painful to hear my husband's off-key notes, but funny t

Feelin' good

So most of you that read my daily blessings site know that I'm a fan of counting my blessings...hence my button on my site here reminding everyone to do so. It also clicks through to my site by the way. Any way...I was talking to my blog pal Terri via cell yesterday. I call on her and Tam from time to time just to see how they're doing. We usually check in from time to time to catch up with one another. Yesterday I was finally at a point where I could share a huge huge praise. Lately, God has been abundantly blessing my family and it just feels good to bask in it. I'll post my good news on Friday at Daily Blessings. I try to find good things in every situation, but it's nice for once to not have to look to find them. They're finding me! Thank you, Lord. A few of the little things this week that have been uplifting: Yesterday was my son's last day of Pre-K. I walked him in as my mom videotaped us. He kept smiling and saying, "After to

Mother's Day Surprise

I got this for Mother's Day along with a big three-ring binder of photos and artwork that my son has compiled all through PRE-K. It was the most touching gift he's given to date, in his five years. Even though his PRE-K teacher orchestrated taking all the pics through the school year and organizing all his artwork, it was still all my son's favorite pieces and shots. I loved it. I love that he thinks I'm fourteen feet tall, which he says it's all leg by the way. He even drew me that way. I love that he remembers my age and my favorite color. I love that he still loves my kisses. I hope he never outgrows that, but I know he will. After giving it to me, he told me he loved my hair put up but thought it would be prettier with more ponytails. He ran and grabbed more colorful rubber bands and asked me to put them on in the places he pointed to. "I want a pink one ... there. I want the blue one ... there." He looked at me when I'd finished a

From Tornado's to Nuggets

This time of year it's tornado after storm after tornado after ... well, you get the point. It rained all day yesterday non-stop. And in the evening, when driving my son to church I noticed how crazy the clouds looked. They were separating on the lower levels and rolling around. The color of the sky wasn't green, which is an indicator of perfect tornado time, but it was 'off.' Right before I pulled out of our neighborhood, the tornado sirens started blaring and I knew I had to head back home to catch the forecast and wait it out in our closet. My son is really good at playing off his emotions. He's not one to show fear unless it's really bad. I made light of how fun it would be to build a tent in the closet and we tried to have the most fun we could. Unfortunately, I still had to listen to the weatherman to make sure I knew exactly where the twister was and could be touching down, and what kid wouldn't freak with that intense language spouting

A very touching moment

Last week we did something we've been waiting to do. My son had his fifth birthday party in March and asked each child to bring $1 donations for Feed the Children in addition or in replacement of any gift they brought for him. Most did...some didn't and it was okay either way. Some gave five dollars or more. In total, he raised $16.87. He's been asking for weeks when we could drop off the money to their offices. He's extremely concerned with kids in Africa. He's the reason we sponsored a child through Compassion International . He saw Micheal W. Smith's video of how many kids in Africa were starving and in need, and he asked me that night if we could sponsor a kid. I wholeheartedly agreed to. I thought I'd be the one to mold my son on his path in life, and I will but my son teaches me more than I ever imagined possible. He's got such a big heart and it's full of compassion for those less fortunate. Feed the Children's corporate

Update from Monday's episode

Okay anyone that read my last post knows I was throwing myself a pity party. I don't normally do those. After most of the day was over, I knew I had no right to after the day my husband had. He got laid off. However, all I know is that we watched 'Facing the Giants' and the message of God's love was so overpowering that I know that as long as we give Him our best, He's going to do the same in return. And I'm a testament to that over and over...I just need a reminder from time to time and that movie was just the trick. Facing the Giants isn't a major Hollywood production. It only has one person you might recognize in it if you're a football fan. It starts out a little slow and you may even think some of the acting needs help...but after the first clip, you'll see that the film starts clicking. My husband and I were bawling through the rest of the film because God's love was evident. If you're in a place where you need to hear som