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20 years

I can't believe twenty years ago I was a fresh young pup ready to take on the world, thinking - no, knowing - I knew everything there was to life and what it had in store for me. Twenty years ago this month I graduated from a wonderful school over in Japan and left behind some really wonderful friends. I say left behind because when you're a military brat - you don't have the option to go home for the weekend to visit the folks and all your buddies when you leave for college. Chances are your folks are packing up not too long after you are and headed for another duty station hundreds of miles away. And all your closest friends' families are doing the same. There is no going home. Home is where you are for the moment until it changes again. Your friends you just have to hope will keep in touch, but if not you already know the art of making really good new ones - as that's what you've done your whole life. However, when you're a brat and you live

Brooke White - what you see is what you get

Brooke was one of my favorites on American Idol. She was the girl with a sunny smile and a warm presence. From the first time she sang, I thought she was a  talented artist. We voted for her often. Last night at an American Heart Association fundraiser, I had the chance to visit with her. She graciously played for our benefit and stayed to talk with all her fans. Now I will say this -- one thing great about Oklahoma is that we don't swarm people or trample others to get to visit with anyone, famous or not. I was impressed that the entire room gave her space, allowing her to mingle at her leisure. However, I have a feeling even if we were a rude bunch - she would have been just as gracious. She took the time to truly visit with those around her. And I also found out she likes to read! And guess what's next on her reading list?? I always knew she was a smart girl! :) And just like on TV - she's brilliantly talented.


I, for one, love the smell of a real book. I love the way it feels, and how the pages turn. And some days I just sit and look at my bookshelf, in love with the way they look lined up in order. Everything from the cover design to the layout inside is appealing to me. However, in this new digital age, I have to say that I'm very intrigued by having Kindle. They are the same size to read as a real book. It's as if the pages are just scanned and inserted inside. Even though I will still be a book lover at heart, I love how easy it is to just download a book and read in an instant. Finding Kylie, my book, is also available on Kindle. I would encourage any of you to try out this amazing technology. Most smartphones or iPhones even have a Kindle app that allows you to download. For those of you, who don't have time to go to a bookstore - download my book and let me know what you think.