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My Sweet Husband and His Hoopty

Due to the nature of my many jobs, which have mostly been in outside sales, I've always had a reliable car that was under some sort of warranty. Over the last eleven years of our marriage, we've been to the same dealership three times and ended up driving off the lot with something moderate but reliable for me. How many men would sacrifice every single time to give their wives the only good car?  Not many I've ever known of.  However, that's just what mine does. He just called me a few seconds ago, as he was trying to access the highway.  He was clearly disturbed!  He explained that the car behind him zipped up and around him while the driver was flipping him off... all because my husband's car was going too slow.  I felt so bad for him.  He said he pulled up alongside the driver and motioned as if to say - 'are you flipping me off?'  The driver blatantly flipped him off again and punched the gas. All these years, my husband has driven the very ver

Butt of All Jokes

Today was a big teaching moment for my boy.  I told the truth about something that put me in a very uncomfortable position. I think we've all been there ... Something happens that could be considered a white lie that if under normal circumstances could slide, because if no one ever knows about it - then you don't really have to own up to it. However, when you're a parent you are always under constant supervision. Little eyes and ears are ever-present, ready to soak in every word you utter and action you display. I've always walked a pretty straight line so that my son would not have to question my motives or actions, but no one is perfect. Everyone messes up...and a smart parent will use it as a teaching moment. Long story short, I told a white lie.  And no one would be the wiser if I kept to myself, except my son knew about it.  And even though I didn't blatantly lie to anyone and it wasn't a harmful untruth, I still did not need to set a low standard

Who could resist?

Okay so I'm a typical mom. I have to brag on my boy. He made me a birthday card last night that read so beautifully. And not to take anything away from his heartfelt words, but part of the reason he did it was to make sure his card read better than my husband's card did - because my husband's card made me cry. Little T wanted to beat his dad out! (Okay this part made my heart smile....what mom doesn't love that from their child?) Okay, I'll retype the inside as it may be hard to read: For my very precious (and most beautiful) mother :) I say Happy Birthday to the prettiest girl on earth. -- your son :) On the back, he'd outlined his hand, and put T T cards inside. This was his logo. He also drew a sheet of chore coupons, to be redeemed. There were nine to the page, with cut lines drawn. It came with its own bar code and pricing of $5.00. This was listed on the back, so if I wanted to buy more in the future I could. And of course, it