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Bon Jovi and the POPO

In college, I had this life-sized cardboard cut out of Bon Jovi.  It adorned my dorm room until I was on summer or Christmas breaks and then it would sit in my grandmother's attic waiting patiently for my return to school. I don't remember how I got it.  I worked at the mall so I could have sweet-talked someone at Spencers or a record store.  (Yes, I'm that old) Unfortunately, during my junior year - my grandmother passed.  This meant cleaning out her house, which set a couple blocks from campus, and determines what to do with her household goods, clothing, etc.  My mother flew in from Hawaii, so she, my sister, and I could handle the task of going through decades of stuff together. After a full day and night of doing just that, we decided to go out to eat.  Upon returning to my grandmother's home, we noticed the front door was ajar.  Did we forget to lock it?  Or had someone broken in? We called the local police, who ordered us, with guns drawn, to stay safe

A Voice That Begs to be Heard

Michael, a friend of my husband and I, just started his youtube channel this week.  His voice is smooth, comforting, and paired with a dead-on pitch.  I love seeing him share his talent and would highly encourage you to not only take a listen but share it with your social media networks. This guy needs to be on The Voice !!!  Help me make this happen by spreading the word. Link this page - either my blog with this post or his youtube channel - to any and all of your social media accounts to give him some love. Thank you!!!