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New Books to Release This Year

It's interesting to see a story evolve and characters grow, as one writes a book.  In writing my third book, Coming Home, I have grown leaps and bounds as an author.  I've been stretched and refined, which I think will result in wonderful things for this book. Initially, my intent was to weave a great storyline around Anne La Sal, a character from my first two books, Finding Kylie & Facing Redemption.  In both books, she is the ever-supportive best friend who is developed more in Facing Redemption to garner the character to withstand her own story. Coming Home was originally going to be a dual storyline about Anne and her estranged sister Grace, however, I started to fall in love with Grace's character so much that I decided to give her own story with Saving Grace. These four books are the Forgiveness Series. That being said I've got two books releasing this year... Coming Home & Saving Grace. They will release at the time so that readers do not have to w