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A joyful heart

All parents wonder if we're doing it right. We wonder if we're screwing it up....especially with our first child. My last post is a testament to that first hand, and many of you left me some wonderful comments either at my blog or on some of the communities I'm a part of like: cre8buzz , mybloglog, or myspace . So thanks to you all for your feedback. Each of you had something insightful and supportive to say, which really gave me some insight into the rest of your lives and your parenting. I wanted to give you an update on the chart and it's five lines. Although it is initially what got my son's attention, it's not what's really working for him (note: all five lines are still up).  Each day as he's come home from school, with a smiley on his hand, he's been getting a huge smiley on his chart for the category: OBEYING AT SCHOOL/RIGHT CHOICES. As soon as he's picked up, he can't wait to tell me all the right choices he's made a

Calling for Parent's Input

Okay...I knew it had to happen! My perfect little child, who has been a dream for four and a half years old, is now having disciplinary issues at school. The problem is that he's a little smarter than most kids his age, and although he's not excluded from them in any way, it's harder to communicate when you know how to count to two-thousand and all the others are learning to count to ten. There tends to be a gap. This one child, in his class, who is as smart is obviously going to be an interest to my son. My son feels a bond with him because they can talk on the same level, which I originally was happy about. Except for the fact that this child is not one that makes good choices for himself, and is leading my son down the path to destruction. He and my son are too aggressive with other kids on the playground, and they aren't listening to instruction. His teacher actually called me at home last month. I was shocked that in PRE-K I got a call from his teacher

Little eyes on you

So you can tell I've not been blogging as regularly! I've had so much going on and haven't had the time to sit...let alone sit and blog. Quick recap: Great week and weekend so far. Today I only had twenty-six kids in my children's church class. Most of you are thinking, Only?  LOL. They're all four and a half to five years old and awesome. It's such a great feeling to see these little people light up when they see you. This morning, I told them a silly story of how I was pulled over by a cop recently. The bible verse we went over taught showing respect, to those God, placed in authority, even when we really didn't want to. I explained that I was angry that I got pulled over because I wasn't speeding.  Long story short, I explained that because I showed him respect he was respectful in return. I told how I wasn't speeding but still got a warning because my license plate's sticker was expired. I looked around at these little faces

Love is in the air!!

I think puppy love is one of the most adorable things in life. My son, who's now in PreK, has left his mother's day out class behind. They've all moved on to their schools, and have new classmates now. He came home a little bummed one day and told me the other day that he didn't have any cute girls in his class. He missed his girlfriend from mother's day out. I've written about them before in previous blogs . They just love each other, and it's so adorable to watch. So yesterday, I set up a play date at the Orr Family Farm. They've got everything from pony rides, train rides, pumpkin picking hayrides, playgrounds, mazes, and much much more. The kids have a ball there. This little greek doll and her younger sister came to play the whole day away with my son, who couldn't wait to see 'his girlfriend.' First things first...she brought him another love note, and then it was off to play. They all three had the best time. The

What's wrong with people?

Somedays I swear! My boss is the best boss I've had so far in my seventeen years of sales, so I'm not trying to vent too much...honestly. Yesterday, I had to leave the office early to pick up my son, who was vomiting at school. I rushed by my boss's office when leaving the building and gave him the 4-1-1 just before leaving. I just knew that something would be said when we talked next. Most days I work in the field, some mornings I make calls from home, and three afternoons I work from my boss's office. Last month was the worst month I've had in my year and a half with this company, but it was due to some personal reasons...not founded on job performance. I've been a consistent player on my team hitting just over my goals. I think that is something to get a pat on the back for considering my child has been in the hospital twice in a five-month period...and we've been struggling financially just to pay our bills. There is another male co-worker,

Words on Wednesdays

My caption: Hill-Billy What's yours?

The beauty of life

What do you find beautiful? I think it's different for each and every one of us. Tonight as I sat on my porch, watching my son and husband play soccer in the yard, I realized just how beautiful life can be. If you ever read my other blog, daily blessings , you'll know how blessed I feel on a daily basis. So why was tonight so special? Because my husband and I are so financially strapped that it's not even funny, but no matter how bad that life is still perfect just the way it is. To hear my son's laughter, and see his smile as he spends time with his parents overshadows all the stresses in my life. Do I wish I still had a job with a stable income? Yes! Would I sacrifice the time away from my son to do so? NO WAY! I left a job, of five years, making over 70K but was becoming so involved at work that I had nothing left over to give my family. Now I work from home, on straight commission. If I don't sell....I don't bring home a paycheck. Som

Babysitting Blues

So tonight was the first time we left our son with a sitter. It's been four years of family care whenever my husband and I had things to do or needed a date night. I can't tell you how apprehensive I was. Especially after my last post...this is a crazy world we live in. BUT...we didn't just drag in someone off a street corner to sit for us. It was an intern that worked at my husband's office for the summer. When my son came to visit his office, I noticed how he was drawn to this beautiful girl and how well she interacted with him. Long story short we asked her to babysit last week. I asked her over to hang out with us on Sunday to get our son used to her being her ahead of time. I checked her references, which were stellar! And finally did a lot of praying. Tonight, my son couldn't get me out of the house fast enough once Sarah got there. He told me to leave! With Sarah, he had his captive audience and was so excited to play with her. I checked on t

Our Children's Survival

I have some faithful readers. Some that read both my blogs and some that just read this one. So for those that only check one, I have decided to post this blog twice. I'd apologize for the redundancy if I didn't think this subject is so worthwhile. Our children are the most important reasons to make the world a better place, so that being said...I decided to post my blog from Daily Blessings: Each day, as a parent, one wonders how safe is it out there for our children. With the television/film industry glorifying crime on the screen and pushing its limits of what's allowed as general have to wonder what effect it has on the American public. How can we as parent's educate our children without scaring them to death? It's a fine balance in giving your children the facts and handing your children the means to live in fear. As a rape survivor, I know too well how scary it can be for those of us out there that were ill-informed. My mom always ans