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Undercover Boss Eye Opener

This past week I watched Undercover Boss , which featured Retro Fitness and one employee in particular, who got fired.  Normally Undercover Boss shows a few employees, with great stories and a good work ethic, and sometimes there may be a few problem employees. In this last issue, it seems all anyone is talking about is that one problem employee, named Jacqueline, who was a shining example of what bad attitudes are really about, and was about as bad as they come. Jacqueline, who on the outside, seemed like a clean-cut decent person until she opened her mouth to speak. And this girl wasn't just rude ... she was abusive to everyone around her.  As if it wasn't bad enough that she was completely unprofessional and had no compassion for anyone around her at work ... she then turned into the flippant, defensive, careless girl, who talked back to the CEO of the company when he tried to explain his grievances with her.  She passionately denied anything he was trying to e

Keep the Change

I have a few different Bibles at home, of which I read when I can.  I admit I'm trying to be better and starting a daily reading plan is a high priority.  So, I have one at home on my nightstand, and another on my desk at work. The one I have at work is my student Bible, from when I was in college, and inside are a few different bookmarks (random pieces of paper). Today, I took time after my devotions to read these scraps of paper. The one that hit home was a receipt from Walmart, dated May 5th, 1995. It included random items, like shelf paper, sponges, gourmet pans for the kitchen, and laundry baskets. Immediat ely, I was taken back in time to where I was stocking up on my new pad, as a fresh college grad, with the grand ideas we all hold that the future is full of potential for our own paths in life. As my heart swelled with memories that swirled in my mind of who I was in this time in life, I took a deep breath in feeling like I'm nowhere near that person a

The Most Important Ingredient ... Love

I had the best intentions today.  After a very full and long two weeks of work, and a successful grand opening (in which I was on my feet for over 10 hours), I was bone-tired ... but still determined to get to church. I got up early, showered and dressed, and then put on my makeup.  I hollered to my little man down the hall to get dressed.  Since my hubs is a volunteer with the kids, he goes early. So most Sundays, it's just me and my mini-me going to second service to join my husband. After getting ready - I took about ten minutes to rest. After all, I still had a bit of time. I thought it couldn't hurt to lay down for a few minutes. HA! Unknowingly, my few minutes led up to a couple hours. The next thing I knew,  my husband was home from church, and I heard this from the kitchen ... bang, clank, rustle ... rustle. My kiddo was in the kitchen making me lunch because he knew I'd wake up hungry.  He'd face-timed his Nana on his iPod to make sure he was making hi