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(Wordless Wednesday) Photos From Moore, Oklahoma


Tornado Alley Still Full of Blessings

Since I moved here in 1990, I've been asked multiple times, 'Why do you live in Oklahoma?'  And, as the weather has become more and more extreme, here in tornado alley, my friends across the nation shake their heads saying, "Why would you stay there knowing you could get blown away by a tornado?" Here's my answer. Every state or region has its issues. I've lived in other countries and nationwide throughout the US. I've lived through typhoons, tropical storms, earthquakes, ice storms, blizzards, and tornados.  So, to not live in Oklahoma due to tornado would be ridiculous because when it's your time... it's your time. Here's why I live here.  The heart of this community is like none other.  We rise in the face of defeat.  We lift each other up.  We breathe determination. We love with a heart bigger than the heartland itself. We smile when we pass a stranger in the street. We give eye contact and say hello.  We show our neighbor kindne

The Evolution of Bullying

Bullying is such a hot topic in the media and amongst celebrity talk shows.  We see thousands of kids, who suffer from it long term, and sadly, some of them do the unthinkable, by taking their life to escape it. My kid has had a run-in or two with an aggressive kid, but what really constitutes bullying? Some parents I've talked to say, "Oh, kids are just mean.  They're always going to be that way.  It's part of growing up." Now, I get that. I know we all have to go through dealing with our fair share of meanies. Even as adults, we still have those mean spirited types to deal with as bullies eventually grow up and infiltrate the upper academic scene and workplace.  I've been employed by a bully or two, who made it their mission to make others feel bad about themselves. A bully is someone, who doesn't care about other's feelings. They, out of insecurity, push those insecurities outward by taunting others. By taunting others, it makes them feel b

Review for VAST Restaurant in OKC

Anyone that reads my blog knows I stay upbeat with most things I post.  I try not to get negative or slam anyone or thing.  However, I need to warn those, who are considering a trip to VAST, here in Oklahoma City. VAST is a restaurant that sits high atop the Devon tower, which can be seen from almost anywhere in the city.  It's forty-nine floors up and has a gorgeous view of our fair city, to which I'd promote just for the view.  It's beautiful... but keep reading.  My husband and I saved up to be able to go to VAST, as it's a trendy new place that seemed perfect for a date night. The attire is dressy and the ambiance is supposed to be amazing. However, I must say that this organization was not prepared to handle any food allergies. So if you have any food challenges at all - you need to think twice before going. We clarified with our waiter, who was great by the way, that my husband had dire allergies and 'WOULD stop breathing' if he ingested the wro

One Amazing Lady

In life, there are people that God brings into your life, who change you forever.  My best friend, Susan, is one of those people. Our sons are the same age. Our husbands are very much alike. Our personalities and sense of humor align almost 99% of the time. She is someone that I couldn't imagine not having in my life. In September, she was diagnosed with a very rare and aggressive form of Leiomyosarcoma , which typically doesn't respond to radiation or chemo. Doctors didn't give her a good prognosis, as she was stage 4 and it is a very rare and aggressive kind of cancer.  However, from day 1 she told all, who would listen, "My God is my healer.  And I'm in His hands." Throughout her journey, she's touched so many lives in being transparent with her journey.  Her cancer journal is here on FaceBook. And I'm happy to say that true to form, she has been seeing miraculous results through her treatments.  Her tumors, from the first CT scans,