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July is coming to a close, bringing the first half of 2020 to a place where the world is ready.  Ready for the new normal - whatever that is.  Ready for things to settle down (cue the aliens).  Ready for a vacation that isn't taken with the nagging thought in the back of their mind of 'is this safe?'  Ready to NOT have to defend their decision to mask or not to mask. That's truly a good question, but I'm going to leave it right here ... and walk away from it. I think my biggest concern is how divided our communities and nation has become. I'll defend my right to wear a mask just as much as I defend your right not to wear one. Can you say the same? If you're an anti-masker, will you respect those who aren't? I hope so because the anger in our hearts has to stop. If you watch the national news, you'll see the outright childish behavior as people wipe their snotty noses on employees' shirts because they've been asked to don a mask.  I could get