Mr. Rogers Would be Sad

I have to admit. I've not watched the news in a very long time, because of how the negativity has hit an all-time high. The few seconds it may be on stresses me out, and when we are stressed - we're not at our best. It's hard to be fair or kind when your heart is full of chaos.

The below NOT a political debate, rant, or meant to start any heated conversations. You all know I stay far away from anything political when posting. This is purely an observation from the heart. So please, no comments that spur anger from anyone.

My husband and I are not straight-party voters. We look at issues on both sides of the fence to see what is right for us and how we can vote to make our world a better place. This world has become SO 'us vs. them.' that it's harmful to the process of what our country was founded on. People can't even express an opinion without backlash or being polarized as a villain if it's against popular opinion. It is no longer possible to learn from one another if we stop listening and trying to see things from other's points of view when we're so egotistical that we only care about our own.

I cannot believe how much hatefulness (from both sides of the fence) is ruling the airwaves. No matter if you're a D or an R or something else in-between, we should pray for our country, the leaders, and the ones in power so that they humble themselves and do what's best for our country (and not their egos).

This is a matter of the heart of those making or breaking the rules which have the power to know better (ON BOTH SIDES). Anyone with a heart should be on their knees, asking God that he help us because our country is ... sigh. I'm leaving it right there. I'm sad that we can't all just get along. Naive as that is - we learned it in Kindergarten, so why can't we care about our neighbors as adults? Mr. Rogers would be sad. I know I am.

Who is up for more Christmas movies? 


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