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So I went to vote yesterday, at a vo-tech near my house. I have had this month to just chill, and these last couple of days I'm just catching up to CST. So I had my standard white tank on, and no make up. It's hotter than hades, so my hair does nothing in this weather...and shorts are a must.

Walking in you get the standard question, "Democrat or Republican?"
Which I replied, "Republican please."

I took my ballot and started my tick marks for my desired candidates, here locally, and I overheard some murmurs from the volunteers. The only words I could make out were...younger generation

So you know I can't resist knowing what it is they're saying...

I turn to feed my ballot to the automated machine reader, and ask, "So what is it we're discussing today?" Ofcourse I gave them my biggest smile.

The oldest of the three of them, a man, stopped in his tracks and you could tell he was thinking..."Oh crap!"

The ladies at the table start…

Island Recap

So this last 10 days has been go go go, and I'm surprised that I'm not more worn out! It was a huge blessing to have that hustle and bustle of only fun stuff, not stuff I have to do, housework, laundry, and returning phone calls. If anything I'm extremely relaxed and could keep that pace up for a bit longer if only to be where I was, having that kind of fun.

I think my husband is over-ready and thankful to be home though. I wore him out with my schedule in Oahu, b/c I 'had' to fit everything in our 3 day period before island hopping to Maui for the rest of the trip. My son is the age I was when I first lived there, and I felt this need to show them every of my favorites from that time in my life.

We had to do this...we had to do that...we had to go see this person and have lunch with this friend. I was almost frantic with it, b/c I didn't know when I would have the time or money to come back. I know by the time we reached Maui, he was ready for…

Wednesday Words

So I've been in Hawaii since Friday. We spent Fri-Monday on Oahu with my family and had pot luck dinner Hawaiian style the first night. 30 plus family and friends came and it was so sweet. My aunti Aimie made special food for my husband, since he has severe food allergies.

My son got to see all my favorite places that I would frequent when I was his age. It was sooo cool to see this whole new world through his eyes.

Since Monday, we've been chillin' in a multi-millionaire's home, that my brother-in-law booked for the week. We all are chipping in to stay here, and it's still less per night than most hotels. So it's like we have our own private resort, with a luxury that we could never afford.

Scott and Mindy get married tomorrow, which is the main reason we made this trip. I can't wait to see them take their vows on the beach in front of a small select group. I'm so happy for the two of them and can't wait to see them stand up tomorrow. My son…


So tomorrow is take off time! You can read about how I'm feeling here.
But in the mean time I still have to:

**Return my son's shorts I bought for the wedding, that don't fit.
**Take my dog to the vet.
**Pick up my husband's epi pens.
**Pick up the dry cleaning.
**Take some clothes back to a friend, that she loaned me.
**Make sure all is packed for my son's travel bag.
**Go to Victoria's Secret to use my gift certificate...I need underwear.
**Go to Best Buy to use my gift certificate...I need to buy a hand held little camera.
**Go get some last minute essentials like : Wipes, snacks, jumble word book, and -----anything else that I've forgotten.
**Take my son's hermit crabs to my mom to care for while we're gone.
OH! And go deposit some money in the bank!

And that's all today! Yikes!!

Travel time for little T

YAYYYYY Friday's almost here. Our trip to Hawaii to not only see my family, Oahu, but island hop to Maui for a family wedding.

I think I'm behind the curve ball already though with so much still to do in preparation for our flight! Ahhhhh!

I have to organize a good enough travel bag to entertain a five year old for the long flight. Here's what Im going to include for my son, little T:
*Coloring Books/Crayons
*UNO Cards
*Blank paper/Pens
*Mini DVD player/kid movies
*Gum, snacks, water/juice

Do you think these things are enough for such a long trip? We've only flown to California with my son, and I'm not sure what to expect. Other than a hyper little kid who can't sit still for too long in normal circumstances!

All I know is that when he was 2, flying to Cali was enough to swear me off air travel with a kid for a very very long time!

I can't link to my blog from that trip, as it's my myspace account and it's set to private. So I'll just pa…

photo opp or oops

Ok, I had to send some shots to my publisher for press releases and book covers.
I'm letting you be the judge of which one you'd pick. Actually it would help me if you would, so I would know which would work best...or if none of them work at all!

Thanks all! Let me know which you think would work best. I'd appreciate your help.


You ever hear Pat Benatar's song in the 80's?'s got me on the run!

That's how I've felt a little this last week. Although I left my 'leaves nothing to be desired' sales job last month to start my photography business, I also need something supplemental to keep me going until my dream supports our financial reality.

So...I'm working in the health care industry with the senior market to help those 65 and older understand medicare and their options. Medicare contracts this company I work for to contact these people to help explain their benefit options and opportunities. The problem is I'm seeing mostly people in undesired parts of town. I literally drove off from some appointments last week, not wanting to walk into these houses. Although the homes I've been in have been okay, you can never be too careful...and I need to listen to my gut when something is wrong. So if I feel the need to drive off, then there's something to th…