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Yesterday, my friend's son, Patrick, was abducted by his father.  His father, Sean, was supposed to be bringing him home to his mother's house in St. Louis per court orders.  Instead, the father chose to vanish into thin air with Patrick.  His mother, Trish, thinks they may be in California, so please keep an eye out and dial 911 if you see him!

Patrick is 5'6" tall and weighs 150 pounds.  He has blue eyes, freckles, and curly long hair (if they haven't cut it). Patrick also has a large birthmark on his left thigh.

His father, Sean, (see photo below) was born in 1970.  His wife's name is Michelle.  

Pay attention to both faces as YOU could be the person that helps find Patrick to bring him home to his mom, in St. Louis.

Patrick is a high functioning autistic kid, who loves music and life.  He loves his pet bulldog and his family in St. Louis.  This sweet kid has an amazing spirit and sense of humor.  He is loved by his mother and well cared for in her home.  

On th…

Victory for Victoria

Although this is not typically my kind of genre, I stepped outside my box to experience something new, with the Warble by Victoria Simcox.  And, am I glad I did.

The Warble is a pleasant surprise in that it's not just a tale of fantasy.  It holds truth and real life principles that are steadfast in our real lives.  The main character, Kristina, holds the pain of rejection from society or her peers.  Through her suffering, one person sees her potential and offers her a gift in the Warble - an unsuspecting metal ball that is the key to her destiny through another world - one where Kristina is labeled 'The Chosen One'.

There are threads that point to God and his everlasting love in this book.  The story parallels Jesus' return and his victory over a fallen world.  Those that have the faith - will see it.  Those that don't want religion thrown in their face don't have to worry because it's so slight all you'll uncover is a really good book that offers a st…