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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Hot Babes in Bikinis

If I were a dude, today would have been heaven ... minus the 30-40 degree temperatures.

Early this am, we met two bikini clad models at the lake to shoot months, January and July, for the new KRXO Classic Rock calendar.  The models were troopers.  I know if I was freezing my butt off in thermal underwear and sweats, they had to have been frigid with next to nothing on with winds whipping off the water at the lake.

Lake Overholser, affectionately nicknamed 'Lake Holdercloser' in my college days, was the perfect location.  No one was out there and we had the entire lake to ourselves.  Other than an occasional looker and one police officer that had to stop by to 'inspect' the shoot, we were totally alone.

And I fell in love with the two motorboats we went out on.  One of the high end local dealers provided to amazing Mastercraft boats with every bell and whistle.  I hadn't been out in one in a very long time, and now I know why I had so much fun way back then.  Even though it was frigid temperatures, being out on the water was so relaxing.

I'd post a pic here but for some reason BLOGGER isn't allowing me to post pics today....arrgh!

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Giant Florist Strikes OUT

Imagine my surprise when I called 1-800 flowers today and not only did they not have ANYTHING to cater to sports fans, but the operator I was connected to had no clue what I was talking about.

I asked him if he had anything to celebrate the Giants winning the World Series.   His response?

"Um we have nothing to do with Giants ma'am.  I can't help you."

"No, not Giants.  The San Francisco Giants.  You know?  Do you know who won the world series last night?"

"Um.  Sorry we can't help you."

I was in shock that a sales person for a major organization didn't at least say, "Hey I don't follow sports, so I'm sorry I really don't know what you're talking about."  Or, "Our company doesn't have anything for any major sports occasion..."

On top of that I was surprised he didn't start asking questions to dig deeper, because maybe if he'd asked what the teams colors were and realized that it was a baseball team I was talking about he could have tried to get someone to design something manageable like a baseball coffee cup with orange and black flowers.  Come 'on.  That is the first and last time I will call 1800 flowers again.

On a happy note, I'm thrilled for my husband.  As a child he was taken to the stick for Giants games since he was old enough to hold a baseball.  His dad and grandad, both passed now, were huge gi-normous Giants fans.  Both celebrated this past-time with my husband to the point of  eating, sleeping, and dreaming Giants baseball.

So today, I made my husband my own floral bouquet and emailed it to him.  It's the pic seen above.  It came with my own special message and it won't die in 3 days.  It's something I made and it's free.  You can't top that.

:)  GO GIANTS!  We're so proud of you even if most florists don't have a clue what a huge market base that sports fans are!!!