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2008 promise to me

New Year - Glitter Graphics

Happy New Year to all! I pray you have a safe, healthy, and happy New Year full of blessings.

Resolutions? I don't really believe in them, but a couple of posts ago I announced I was going to start getting fit. ...Not Losing Wieght mind you... but getting fit. I want to tone the parts of me that you used to be able to bounce a quarter off of. Now if you tried, it would just hit and thud.

Starting next week, I'm eating more healthy for me and my family, and will schedule work out time in my planner. I won't go to the gym when I feel like it, as I never do therefore won't work out. I will go because it's cemented in my planner. My husband is my accountability partner in this and will hold me to my promise to myself for a fit me in 2008 and beyond.


Every once in a while I'll participate in a meme. For those of you that don't know what a meme's like chain letter via blog land. I usually get bombarded with meme's that I've already partcipated in so I don't repost very often...I feel meme-ified some days. Overwhelmed with requests, so only respond to them A) if I have time or B) if they're unique enough to reply to.

This is one of those that was different enough and fun enough, that I wanted to play along.
Being a Mom is GREAT tagged me with this one. Below will list all 12 months in year and personality traits associated with those born in those months. To those that I tag, look to your birth month and list what is similar to you and your life in line to your month.

My month: JULY! Instead of re-writing all that applies to me...I'm just going to high light was is accurate to me, in purple-my favorite color!
JULY: Fun to be with. Secretive. Difficult to fathom and to be understood. Quiet…

Now that Santa's come...

We've had such a full few days of drum playing, hockey stick swinging, lincoln log building, and leapster gaming. I think my son was so very well taken care of this year.

The first thing he did on Christmas morning was sneak in my room and whisper, "Hey I see a drum set by the tree...and it's red! Come see!" He couldn't contain himself and it was so sweet to see his excitement.

He's been playing for 3 days straight, and I'm loving it! My husband, who's also a drummer, has taught him some different drum rolls and beats. He's trying to play them the right way instead of just banging on them. He's so into being just like his daddy, who happens to love Phil Collins. Since I never put my son's face on my blogs, I substituted Phil's for my son's.

Little T (my son's nickname in blog land) also got some boxers just like his daddy. When we took him to see his aunt today, the first thing he did was pull his pants down to show her hi…

Christmas Hangover

Today has been such a blur. Yes, I'm back and work but it's been such a daze. I worked from my home office today, and my caretaker picked my son up around 10:35 am. So I had solid morning time with my son today, and administrative catch up time for work.

Seriously though...who wants to hear from a sales person on the day after Christmas? So I took lunch around noon, then tried to follow up with obtaining paperwork my company needs to get some accounts finalized this week. Notice the that last sentence. :)

Today feels so hazy...not that the real reason for the season wasn't my focus this week, but after days of music, lights, sugar, and crazy running around....I'm pooped and ready for a vacation. I'm sure I represent 99.9% of all working moms out there today!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your families, and you're all looking forward to 2008! What resolutions are you planning?

Here is my number one challenge to myself:

creative packaging

This Christmas we've been on quite a strict budget, so we've been really creative in how and what we're doing for Christmas. Although I've never been one to re-gift, I've kept what I call my 'gift' closet.

It's full of things that I've received which are nice gifts, but are items I've never been able to use due to various reasons. It may have been a duplicate of something I already had, or maybe just not my taste.

I keep gifts that I buy throughout the year in my gift closet, as well as the items that I would 'someday' re-gift. That someday is now. I've never re-gifted to date, but with little to no money at this point I'm now willing to use my gift closet and it's resources without hesitation.

As I started looking through my closet, I realized I had no paper to wrap them in. So, my son and decided to wrap them all in newspaper and draw red bows on each package. I'm sure it's a little cheesy, but I can rest easy wh…


My sent went through a really rough patch for about 6 weeks, where everything made him angry. Everything became an argument. He got very physical by hitting or nudging my with his head, when he didn't get his way. It was becoming very overwhelming and exhausting.

I wasn't sure what I was doing wrong or what to do about it, because nothing was working. Thankfully I had some mommy friends, who had kids at the same age, who said that their little 'used to be angels' were also displaying the same type of behavior. Then my sister's boyfriend reassured me that his son, at four, had all the same issues. This gave me a huge sense of relief. I exhaled and felt normal. Okay...maybe it wasn't my doing something wrong that was causing the behavior?!

In the last 6 weeks, I've just stuck to my guns without giving in. I let my yes mean yes, and my no mean "NO". Either the phase has played itself out or he finally got the idea that his testing his boundar…

What would you leave me??

Fun Weekend for the Family

This weekend has been so jam packed full of fun events.

I've got some family in town, and we all went to a blazers game Friday night. My husband gets free passes to the games, so all it cost us a few dollars for popcorn and drinks. We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

My and my better half hadn't been to a game together since before our son was born, and it was good to get back to the ice arena to watch the Blazers. My son was so fun to watch. He'd been before with his dad, and is starting to really 'learn' the game. He even leaned over to tell me what player was put in the penalty box. He read their player number off the score board and put two and two together to comprehend what player got a penalty.

He asked me one day last week why players got put in the penalty box, and I told him that it's sort of like a time out for players who've done something wrong. So Friday night he smiled when the first player was put in the penalty box and happily remin…

Prayers for Melody

A fellow blogger Melody, at Slurping Life has had some medical issues arise that are very serious. Please join me in saying a prayer for her and her doctor's during this process.

Thank you!

All about daddy...

The last couple of weeks my son and husband have been thick as thieves. He has to wear the same clothes as the same things as him...and be with him 24-7.

It's so nice to see them rolling around on the floor, playing trucks, and watching sports together. My husband is really enjoying this age. My son is past the fragile age...past the baby stage (sniff)...and is growing up to be just like his daddy.

He even has little black 'adidas' basketball shorts that are almost identical to my husband's. Each afternoon when I bring him home, that's the first thing he puts on. I have to fight him each morning to make him put regular clothes on for school. He thinks he can wear them everyday -- all day. It doesn't matter to him that it's 37 degrees outside.

This morning he woke up and called my husband at work. He's got his and my cell phone numbers memorized (he has since he was 3). He chastised my husband for leaving for work with out him today.

After …