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Thursday, May 29, 2008

When I grow up....

I've been stuck in this place lately wondering what I want to be when I grow up...professionally speaking. I've been in sales my whole life essentially since I was 5 years old, working it at garage sales. I'd assume the sale and direct people to what I thought they needed. This is why I think we've always done so well whenever we have one, because we've got a professional garage saler in our midst....ME.

Sales is what I'm good at, but it's not what in my heart. They say do what you love, but I'm always drawn to sales because I can excel at it and provide for the family. Lately though I've not been excelling at it...I've been stuck in some weird middle ground, where I don't care anymore. I've lost my drive and am left wondering what I should be doing.

Doing what I love, writing and photography, makes me happy. So here's what I've decided....

I have a feeling that my book will be getting published soon, as a small publishing house has shown some real interest. I'm going to work local book store chains to get some space. I'm going to work the state paper, where I used to work, to get a review. And see how it goes.

I've already started my photography business in October, but haven't really promoted it. Without asking for any business, I've had a steady flow of a couple photo shoots a month. It's been enough to help us get by financially. I WILL get my business cards made this week!! And I WILL start handing them out and promoting myself. If I could get 5 gigs a month, I'd be happy.

And I plan on taking sales position with a company that's already made me an offer until I can get my first love up and running. I'm leaving my current position, in sales, because of the environment. I'm not a fit there....they know it and so do I. I don't drink their company kool-aid. I'm not motivated to be my best there. It's time to change and move toward my goals. In the mean time, I'm at peace just getting that out there. Instead of wornoutwoman, I'm signing of as peaceoutwoman tonight!

So as I sign off I'm leaving you to have a good laugh at my husband's expense...my son got out his face paints this afternoon and attacked his dad after he got home from work. For a five year old, I think he's expressed himself very well. I call it Americana Gone Wild!

Now I just hope he can get most of the pigment off his face for work tomorrow. His new boss may not think it's so funny!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Weeeeekend

This weekend was one I never wanted to end. It's the closest thing I've had to a vacation in a long time. I didn't go to any specific destination. What I mean by vacation is how it made me feel...relaxed, calm, and peaceful.

Sunday, we drove 40 miles to my in laws for a cookout/pool party. My son didn't have his ear plugs yet, so we couldn't let him swim around too much. I put him in a swim tube so he could kick around, with arm floaties. We borrowed them from family, so of course as the other grandkids are girls, they were bright pink. I hope my son doesn't grow up to hate me for that.

My in laws are the most amazing people, and so easy to be around. There's never any drama...only laughter. My husband and his brother always play guitar hero against each other. This time my hubbie sang with the new video game, rock star?? I think that's what it's called. Anyway, it was painful to hear my husband's off key notes, but funny to see him stand up and belt them out. He's not afraid to entertain on any level.

All day we ate and ate...and lounged by the pool. They had a fish fry and all the traditional burger hot dog stuff. In the evening, we wandered into my brother-in-law's party room, that sets separate from his home. It's a second garage converted into a man palace. It's got a pool table, wet bar, poker table, and entertainment system with theater seats. I know my other half salivates every time he walks in. (One of these days honey....)

Monday, I cleaned the house with my son. I let him use that new Clorox cleaner that's supposed to be safer for kids. I never let him use any cleaners. So, he was excited to use real chemicals instead of the vinegar and water mixture I usually put in his spray bottle. He was very careful not to spray all over the place. He kept it on target so that it wouldn't get out of control. We cleaned out the refridgerater, in our garage, to give my parents. While spraying it down, he used an entire roll of paper towels to clean it all up. Man he's a great helper. See that gooky stuff on the bottom shelf...eww. It took me a while, but I got it all.

Late yesterday we went to another cookout at a friend's home. This house was over 5,000 square feet. I drooled over every inch of it. Our friend that owns the home is a nationally renowned motor cross racer, who retired and stayed in Oklahoma. Needless to say the house is super sweet. My son stayed zipped in the netting on the trampoline and jumped for 3 hours. So we could easily relax while he played with all the other kids, and have an adult afternoon.

I had to get back to the real world today. My house is tiny but comfy. It's not a mansion...I don't have a sports or play room, but it's ours and it's re-sale value is really high. So we're doing okay.

I actually got a new stove installed today. My son cried as they took the old one out, because he didn't want to see it go. I spent 45 minutes calming him down. That's so unlike him. When he gets that emotional somethings wrong. I looked him over and noticed rashes all over. The doctor said he's got 'fifth's disease'. Now I know why he was crying over nothing.

And as soon as he's better in a couple weeks, I know he won't even remember the old one. He even said, "Goodbye little stove!"

He finally told me, "Mom, If you take a picture of the old stove...(gasp)that will help me stop crying." Hey whatever takes the edge off kid...I got my camera out, and took a picture of the old ratty stove sitting in my drive way.
Hope you all had a relaxing Memorial Day. I hope you told every person you know who is or was in the military how much you appreciate them. I called my dad like I do every year.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Feelin' good

So most of you that read my daily blessings site know that I'm a fan of counting my blessings...hence my button on my site here reminding everyone to do so. It also clicks through to my site by the way.

Any way...I was talking to my blog pal Terri via cell yesterday. I call on her and Tam from time to time just to see how they're doing.

We usually check in from time to time to catch up with one another. Yesterday I was finally at a point where I could share a huge huge praise. Lately God has been abundantly blessing my family and it just feels good to bask in it. I'll post my good news on Friday at Daily Blessings.

I try to find good things in every situation, but it's nice for once to not to have to look to find them. They're finding me! Thank you Lord. A few of the little things this week that have been uplifting:

Yesterday was my son's last day of Pre-K. I walked him in as my mom video taped us. He kept smiling and saying, "After today I'm gonna be a Kindergartener." (Did I spell that right?)

Tonight I'm going to the gym, that my hubbie and I just joined, to see my new trainer, who I have 3 appointments with. I couldn't afford any more time with a trainer than that, but that's okay. The place we joined is so amazing. It reminds me of an athletic club my parents joined when I was a kid, when we lived in Montgomery. It's very family oriented with something for everyone.

The weather is amazing today as well...plus my boss is out of town until Tuesday. What's not to love??

Now...if anyone can give me any pointers on how to handle a sass mouthed five year old my world would be golden! Any ideas? And what is it about five that leads sweet little babies into arguing rebellious kids??

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mother's Day Surprise

I got this for Mother's Day along with a big 3 ring binder of photos and artwork that my son has compiled all through PRE-K. It was the most touching gift he's given to date, in his 5 years. Even though his PRE-K teacher orchestrated taking all the pics through the school year and organizing all his art work, it was still all my son's favorite pieces and shots. I loved it.

I love that he thinks I'm 14 feet tall, which he says it's all leg by the way. He even drew me that way. I love that he remembers my age and my favorite color. I love that he still loves my kisses. I hope he never outgrows that, but I know he will.

After giving it to me, he told me he loved my hair put up but thought it would be prettier with more pony tails. He ran and grabbed more colorful rubber bands and asked me to put them on in the places he pointed to. "I want the pink one ... there. I want the blue one ... there." He looked at me when I'd finished and smiled, "Now you look even prettier mommy!"
Ummm...I don't think I have to worry about my son's future as a hair dresser or a fashion stylists. For one he's all boy and has no tendencies in those areas. And for two, if he thinks this is pretty...he'd have no success in it even if he wanted to.

I look like a white trash snoop dog immatater. Be a playah...not a hatah!

PS...yes no make up is not good. This could be an ad for a true wornoutwoman!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

From Tornado's to Nuggets

This time of year it's tornado after storm after tornado after ... well you get the point.

It rained all day yesterday non-stop. And in the evening, when driving my son to church I noticed how crazy the clouds looked. They were separating on the lower levels and rolling around. The color of the sky wasn't green, which is an indicator of perfect tornado time, but it was 'off'.

Right before I pulled out of our neighborhood, the tornado sirens started blaring and I knew I had to head back home to catch the forecast and wait it out in our closet.

My son is really good about playing off his emotions. He's not one to show fear unless it's really bad. I made light of how fun it would be to build a tent in the closet and we tried to have the most fun we could. Unfortunately I still had to listen to the weatherman to make sure I knew exactly where the twister was and could be touching down, and what kid wouldn't freak with that intense language spouting from the radio? Once our power started flickering I lit a candle, and he asked me to go get his hermit crabs from his bathroom. I of course obliged.

After hearing the storm was safely out of our path, I tried to leave the closet but my son had none of it. He never cried or got desperate during the entire time, but now he started blocking my path.

"You can't get blown away. You have to stay safe!" he cried. It was at that point that I knew that even though he had been acting like it didn't matter, but he was a lot more stressed than he let on. He was a lot more scared than I knew.

I didn't force him out. That would have made it worse. I returned the blankets back to the closet, because he was begging for them to cover with.

I asked him, "Honey have I ever lied to you?"
"Would I ever break a promise?"
"Would I ever put you in danger on purpose?"
"Then trust me when I say that we're safe and the storms have passed. I'm going to go turn the TV on and show you where we are and where the storms are to prove it to you. You can stay in there as long as you want, and I'll be okay while waiting in the other room."
"Okay, mom."

After a while he came out. He had to make sure his hermit crabs were secure and safe. Once he came in the living room, we had a picnic while watching some less eventful programming. It took his mind off things and he was better. He pulled out his little boy's Bible and wanted me to read it to him. I knew he needed not only reassurance from his mommy but from his God too.

After a couple of Bible stories, I read the mommy time activities that were included with him. To make a long story short, I told him that sometimes when we're not quiet we miss out on good things...like hearing God's voice in our hearts.

He emphatically expressed, "Oh I know cuz I've heard him right there." He pointed to his heart and continued, "I've heard him all the way down to my nuggets!"

Now I don't know about you but the first thought of what 'nuggets' made me burst out laughing. I didn't know one could hear God there, nor did I know that my son knew what nuggets were. So I asked him, "Really? Nuggets? Just where are your nuggets?"

He pointed to his tummy and said, "the chicken ones in my tummy."

My husband got home from church not long after, and he excitedly told his dad about our time in the closet. He told him that his mommy prayed for us and the storms and that everything was okay. He's such a brave little guy, and a funny one too.

Children are amazing!

Saturday, May 03, 2008

A very touching moment

Last week we did something we've been waiting to do. My son had his 5th birthday party in March, and asked each child to bring $1 donations for Feed the Children in addition or in replacement of any gift they brought for him. Most did...some didn't and it was okay either way. Some gave 5 dollars or more. In total he raised $16.87.

He's been asking for weeks when we could drop off the money to their offices. He's extremely concerned with kids in Africa. He's the reason we sponsored a child through Compassion International. He saw Micheal W. Smith's video of how how many kids in Africa were starving and in need, and he asked me that night if we could sponsor a kid. I wholeheartedly agreed to.

I thought I'd be the one to mold my son on his path in life, and I will but my son teaches me more than I ever imagined possible. He's got such a big heart and it's full of compassion for those less fortunate.

Feed the Children's corporate headquarters are in Oklahoma City, so you'd think it'd be easy to swing by...but I couldn't get off work to take him for a while. Finally last week I took a day off no matter what...it was long overdue.

One of their directors met us in the lobby, to take my son's ziplock baggie full of money. You would have thought he'd brought in one million dollars, instead of just under seventeen. This generous man walked us back to where they sorted money to show my son how his money would be counted and processed.

He explained how the machines worked that automatically opened envelopes. He said there were arms that would grab each side of them to open them, once sliced at the top, for the ladies working the machines to grab the checks. My son was entralled with the sound of it, and when he was walked over to the machine all he could do was get this real serious look on his face. The FTC employee asked my son what was wrong, and he replied, "BUT where are the arms that open the envelopes?"

He was looking for human arms and after a laugh, he pointed out the mechanical arms that sucked up the envelope. He told us that she sorted 3,000 envelopes a day. My son was extremely impressed and told him that was a looooot of envelopes. I thought so too.

After he walked us back to the lobby, he told my son that he'd be sending him a certificate in the mail as a thank you for his donation. My son replied, "Oh we'll be back...my mom says kids go hungry in Oklahoma everyday and now we need to feed those kids."

Sure enough 2 days later, we got a letter from Larry Jones to my son and a certificate, shown above as a thank you. I photo-shopped my son's name out of the certificate and inserted another one very fitting.

He's going to change the world some day in a big way...I just know it. God's hand is upon my child and He's blessing him with such compassion and spirit. I thank God daily for my little boy's heart, and pray for his protection. I have a big responsibility in raising this child, and it's not one I take lightly.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Update from Monday's episode

Okay anyone that read my last post knows I was throwing myself a pity party. I don't normally do those. After most of the day was over, I knew I had no right to after the day my husband had. He got laid off.

However all I know is that we watched 'Facing the Giants' and the message of God's love was so over powering that I know that as long as we give Him our best, He's going to do the same in return. And I'm a testament to that over and over...I just need a reminder from time to time and that movie was just the trick.

Facing the Giants isn't a major Hollywood production. It's only has one person you might recognize in it, if you're a football fan. It starts out a little slow and you may even think some of the acting is a little high school production...but after the first clip you'll see below the film starts clicking. My husband and I were bawling through the rest of the film because God's love was evident.

If you're in a place where you need to hear something from God, you may consider finding the film and renting it. It's worth it.

Scene from movie

Movie trailer