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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Update from Monday's episode

Okay anyone that read my last post knows I was throwing myself a pity party. I don't normally do those. After most of the day was over, I knew I had no right to after the day my husband had. He got laid off.

However all I know is that we watched 'Facing the Giants' and the message of God's love was so over powering that I know that as long as we give Him our best, He's going to do the same in return. And I'm a testament to that over and over...I just need a reminder from time to time and that movie was just the trick.

Facing the Giants isn't a major Hollywood production. It's only has one person you might recognize in it, if you're a football fan. It starts out a little slow and you may even think some of the acting is a little high school production...but after the first clip you'll see below the film starts clicking. My husband and I were bawling through the rest of the film because God's love was evident.

If you're in a place where you need to hear something from God, you may consider finding the film and renting it. It's worth it.

Scene from movie

Movie trailer
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